Film History: Contemporary Film Expression


Cinema Department Fall 2019

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CINE 23A The Films of Alfred Hitchcock Monday 1:10-4pm R304

CINE 20A Film History: Evolution of Film Expression Wednesday 1:10-4pm R304

CINE 170 Film/Video Work Experience

Instructor: Denah Johnston

Time: Online Course/Canvas

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Course Description:

The history of cinema as a unique expressive medium from the mid 20th century to the present. The course covers the post-WWII film renaissance, international movements, genres, developing technologies, the expansion of filmmaking to newly represented people and places, and cinema in the digital age.


All films for the class will be embedded in Canvas via streaming resources provided by the CCSF Library such as Films on Demand, Swank, InfoBase's Feature Films for Education Collection, and the BLC Library of Foreign Language Film Clips. Once you use your RAM ID to access Canvas you will be able to stream the films directly in each Module.

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Required Text:

A Short History of the Movies (11th Edition) by Gerald Mast & Bruce Kawin

All material for the class comes from the 11th edition. Use an older edition at your own risk.

NOTE that CINE 20A and 20B use the same textbook.

Student Learning Outcomes:

*Assess the history of motion pictures in their social and historic context from the second half of the 20th century to the present.

*Compare significant filmmakers and examine their contributions to world cinema.

*Appraise the evolution of film genres, aesthetics, and techniques.

*Analyze the film experience.

*Apply various critical approaches to the study of film.