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A collection of digital resources, curated by the CCSF Office of Student Equity, to support faculty, staff, administrators and students as they work to dismantle inequities in educational systems, policies and practices that create barriers, uphold anti-racist informed educational practices, and learn about the systemic impact on the success of students and employees of color. Our goal is that this website will be a clearinghouse providing a variety of equity-focused digital resources, including existing on-campus resources as well as external support. In addition, Equity Connect includes resources related to local, state and national conversations regarding diversity, equity, inclusion, belonging and anti-racism and the impact these principles make on student success and student equity.

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The City College of San Francisco Office of Student Equity is committed to inclusivity, equity and diversity among our college community members, including students, staff, faculty and administrators. We believe that all students, of varying backgrounds, races, abilities, nationalities, genders, sexual orientations, beliefs, religions, and socio-economic status, have the right to access higher education and receive the resources and support they need to achieve their educational and professional goals. We welcome, encourage, and engage in diverse perspectives in respectful dialogue, and our commitment is to be critically race-conscious, anti-racist, and culturally responsive in all that we do. Education is for all who enter the doors of this college. We welcome you.

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