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MSHS Class of 2020!

Principal Anderson-

Stallion Class of 2020, you are survivors. You have lost out on many experiences this spring and there are not enough words to describe how we all wish we could make this all go away for you. I know that despite everything that happened, that you will continue to grow and thrive. You will give up on your dreams for a bright future. You will not give up on your educational and career goals. You are stallions and you will overcome this as you have overcome all obstacles: with a loud commitment of your STALLION STORM .

Click Here For A Special Message From Our VPs, Dean, & Directors

VP Moran -

Class of 2020, first and foremost my heart aches because of what you all have lost this year. I hope being the first to experience something to this magnitude, there is some awe in being that group that will be added to our history books. Our entire community scrambled our brains to figure out what we could do to recognize how amazing the Class of 2020 is, I hope the outreach and what is to come, is evident of how loved you are. I’m wishing you the best in all that is to come, stay positive and stay fighting for all that you deserve in life. Be well!

VP Puga -

Class of 2020, please know that the faculty and staff of MSHS have been thinking of you all during this difficult time. None of us can imagine what you all must be experiencing, but one thing we all know is that you are resilient and you will overcome these uncharted times. While this is not the way you wanted your journey to end at MSHS, we are choosing to make the most of it. We will celebrate you and all that you have achieved! Know that we love you and are so very proud of you. We wish you the very best in all your future endeavors and hope you all will return to tell us all the amazing things you’re doing after high school. Go Stallions!

VP Steinmetz -

Class of 2020, I am terribly sorry that your final year K-12 education ended like this. The final year of high school is often memorable and one of your most enjoyable. Although it hurts to lose what should be the culminating experience of your time as a student to this point, I still believe that some good can come from this. You will be stronger for having faced this adversity as you enter into adulthood and what will be a new found experience of independence. The bonds you are forming now with your friends and classmates, albeit at a distance, will be the lasting bonds you will carry with you into your college and career experience. Make the best of this time and know that your teachers and administrators all wish you the best moving forward.

VP Martin -

Class of 2020, we miss you and wish you nothing but the best as we navigate this difficult time. We know that many exciting events for seniors had to be canceled but do not lose sight of the fact that you are so close to reaching your dream of graduating high school. These are uncharted moments and you have navigated them with CLASS and made us all proud. Your accomplishments cannot be overshadowed by our current health crisis. Continue to strive for all of your goals and you can achieve them.

Athletic Director Devine -

Class of 2020, I can not express how sorry I am that your final season of athletics came to an end so abruptly. I can express, though, how proud I am that you have represented Madera South with such pride, passion, teamwork, and competitiveness. Your connections with your teammates and your coaches will forever be a part of your life. And the lessons you learned as a student athlete will follow you to your next steps. Hopefully you are still training and conditioning to keep your body and mind in a good place. Take this challenge in life to grow as a person, connect with your families, and appreciate your blessings. I look forward to connecting with you and your coaches soon. I wish you the best. Stay positive and stay safe! “Building Champions for Life!!”

P.S. Email me if you still need your Senior Athlete yard sign!

Activities Director Potter -

Class of 2020, It’s hard to express the sadness I have for you during these crazy times. Memories of walking at graduation on a warm June night, crawling around Six Flags at 3 A.M. during Grad Night, having a blast at prom will all your friends, these are things that won't be happening for you. It is unfortunate that you will not experience these things. However, there have been some extraordinary things happen in our community to show support for the Class of 2020. We have seen a community come together on social media to “Adopt-a-Senior” where community members celebrate your accomplishments. We have seen community members open up their fences and invite people to hang posters, banners, and balloons for seniors. We have seen community members organize videos featuring celebrities personally reaching out to Madera High and Madera South congratulating you on your success. We have seen the ASB Officers from both schools set rivalry aside and work with the district to develop a plan to celebrate your accomplishment of graduation from high school. Based on the things that we have seen, we know that the Class of 2020 is deeply cared about by our schools and community. We are proud of who you are and who you will become. Thank you for what you have done for the school, and I look forward to see what you will do in the future.

Scholarship Winners!

CSF Life Members

2019-2020 Scholarship Presentation .mp4

2020 State Seal of Biliteracy Honorees

"MUSD is proud and honored to recognize 53 seniors who have earned the California Seal of Biliteracy for the 2019-20 school year.

Madera South High School inspired 39 Spanish language honorees and 4 trilingual honorees in French, Spanish and English.

Each honoree will receive a gold embossed insignia from the state of CA on their diploma and certificate of achievement. The student's transcript will indicate that they have earned the SSB and this achievement will serve them well for a lifetime."

FFA Senior Video

Cap and Gown Distribution

Senior Highlights

2019-2020 Recap

Senior Tagboard

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Class of 2020, Seniors!

A - F

Abarca-Garcia, Jorge

Abrego-Miranda, Wendy

Acevedo Mora, Gerardo

Acosta, Guadalupe

Aguero, Juan

Aguilar-Salvador, Eriberto

Aguilar-Serrano, Jose Antonio

Aguilera, Jose

Agustin-Mota, Angel

Alaniz, Deanna

Alberto Flores, Daniel

Alejandre Garcia, Jacquelin

Allred, Travis

Alvarado, Kiara

Alvarez, Brianna

Alvarez, Celeste

Alvarez, Darlene

Alvarez, Jose

Alvarez, Kristy

Alvarez, Nancy

Alvarez, Stephanie

Ambrocio Viurquez, Carmelita

Ambrosio, Gabriela

Angulo, Victoria

Anthony, Katlyn

Arballo, Alexandrew

Arcadia-Salazar, Jesus

Arellano-Aguirre, Sergio

Arias-Conde, Daniela

Armiento, Severo

Arredondo, Angeles

Arredondo, Jose

Arredondo, Omar

Arreola, Cristian

Arroyo-Cuevas, Arianna

Arzola-Ramirez, Gustavo

Avalos, Francisco

Avalos-Martinez, Rodrigo

Avendano Ramirez, Luis

Avila, Karen

Avila Vazquez, Juniva

Avila-Montano, Grecia

Ayala, Mariana

Ayon, Jonathan

Baez, Jaqueline

Ballesteros, Carlos

Barajas, Guadalupe

Barajas, Ivan

Barragan Oregel, Luis

Barreras, Angel

Barriga, Giovanny

Barriga, Ivan

Barriga Espinoza, Kayla

Barriga-Valenzuela, Angela

Bautista, George

Bautista-Flores, Yesenia

Bazante-Luna, Virginia

Bazante-Santos, Larry

Becerra, Edith

Belk, Jordyn

Bennett-French, Eliana

Berdejo-Vargas, Giselle

Bermudez-Maciel, Adanely

Bertoncini, Elijah

B-Hernandez, Lina

Boch, Jose

Bolanos Huaracha, Matthew

Borja, Kaleb

Bravo, Jacob

Brewer, Marvin

Burks, Andrea

Caballero, Carlos

Cabrera-Morales, Eduardo

Calderon, Esther

Calderon, Misael

Camacho-Maclovio, Angel

Camacho-Mendez, Mariah

Camargo-Garcia, Rosaura

Camarillo, Angeles

Camarillo-Mejia, Kendrick

Campos Nunez, Tania

Campos-Chavez, Yamilet

Campos-Herrera, David

Cantu, Carmen

Cantu, Generoso

Cantu, Shelby

Carbajal-Beltran, Deyvet

Caro-Escatel, Yesenia

Carreon-Caro, Cassandra

Carvajal, Celeste

Castaneda, Robert

Castellanos, Juanita

Castillo, Faith

Castillo, Isac

Castillo, Ivan

Castillo, Sarai

Castillo-Mendez, Marlen

Castro, Brandon

Castro, Rafael

Celio, Josiah

Cervantes, Adrian

Chaidez, Manuel

Chavez, Irene

Chavez, Jacqueline

Chavez, Joseph

Chavez-Hernandez, Anahi

Chavez-Rendon, Yuliza

Cirilo Martinez, Flor

Cirilo-Lopez, Epifania

Cisneros, Jaden

Cisneros Chacon, Perla

Collazo-Del Toro, Julian

Contreras, Emily

Cordova, Zoe

Corona, Alberto

Corona-Palacios, Darian

Cortes, Jose

Cortes, Mariana

Cortes-Bautista, Andy

Cortes-Ramirez, Jose

Cortez, Angela

Cortez, Haley

Cortez, Jose

Cortez, Xavier

Cortez-Castillo, Verenice

Cortez-Garcia, David

Cortez-Sanchez, Jacqueline

Cortez-Santos, Miguel

Cota, Miguel

Crespin, Debora

Criado, Jayden

Criado, Nicholas

Crosson, Natalie

Cruz, Berenice

Cruz, Paola

Cruz-Flores, Elpidio

Cuaya Beltran, Gina

Cuellar, Felipe

Cuevas, Arthur

Cuevas-Marcial, Evelyn

Cuevas-Navarro, Leslie

Daggs, David

Daza-Arzola, Sayra

Delgado-Cruz, Omar

Diaz, Breda

Diaz, Kelly

Diaz, Rachel

Dinis, Mikaela

Dominguez-Estrada, Adamaris

Dunstan, David

Eller, Alexandra

Enriquez-Sosa, Abraham

Escamilla, Guadalupe

Escamilla, Kayla

Escobar, Marissa

Escudero-Vazquez, Saul

Esparza, Brenda

Espinoza, Lawrence

Espinoza-Ortiz, Sonia

Esquivel, Julianna

Fachenda, Noah

Fierros-Herrera, Alexander

Figueroa, Jesus

Flores, Andrew

Flores, Erick

Flores, Isabella

Flores, Veronica

Flores, Yvonne

Flores Jr, Miguel

Flores-Macias, Alan

Flores-Medina, Alexiz

Flores-Perez, Tereza

Florian Lazaro, Jessica

Florian-Ortiz, Ricardo

Franco-Gomez, Esther

Frausto, Leandro

Frausto, Savanah

Frias, Jhovani

Frias-Sanchez, Priscila

Furtado, Emily

G - Marr

Galindo-Vasquez, Lizvet

Gallegos, Kaytlin

Galvan, Julian

Garcia, Brenda

Garcia, Cristina

Garcia, Damion

Garcia, Jaime

Garcia, Maria

Garcia, Oswaldo

Garcia, Ryan

Garcia Ibarra, Yarelise

Garcia Pimentel, Marcela

Garcia-Gonzalez, Brenda

Garcia-Gutierrez, Leonardo

Garcia-Hernandez, Clarisa

Garcia-Martin, Esmeralda

Garcia-Martinez, Elgar

Garcia-Perez, Christian

Garcia-Rocha, Cynthia

Garibay, Valeria

Garnica, Angel

Gary, Jalen

Gibson, Dyllan

Gil, Abigail

Gil, Briana

Gill, Donavin

Godinez, Adriana

Gomez, Miriam

Gomez, Oriana

Gomez Arellano, Mariana

Gomez-Hernandez, Daniel

Gomez-Infante, Jesus

Gonsalez, Juan

Gonzales, Steven

Gonzalez, Gabriella

Gonzalez, Jesse

Gonzalez, Lucia

Gonzalez, Saul

Gonzalez Apolonio, Adolfo

Gonzalez Lopez, Flor del Rocio

Gonzalez-Hernandez, Angelica

Gordillo-Mora, Crystal

Granados, Jackeline

Guereca, Victor

Guerrero, Ambar

Guevara, Bianca

Guglielmana, Jared

Guillen, Joel

Gutierrez, Rachel

Gutierrez-Hernandez, Monika

Gutierrez-Mariscal, Yulisa

Gutierrez-Perez, Kayla

Gutierrez-Ramirez, Oscar

Guzman, Elizabeth

Guzman, Esmeralda

Guzman, Esperanza

Guzman, Rodrigo Andres

Guzman-Vasquez, Lorena

Haans, Javan

Hernandez, Aracely

Hernandez, Calixtro

Hernandez, Diego

Hernandez, Gabriel

Hernandez, Gabriel

Hernandez, Jacob

Hernandez, Jennifer

Hernandez, Joel

Hernandez, Mariana Guadalupe

Hernandez, Merary

Hernandez, Paola

Hernandez, Sheila

Hernandez Cortes, Alejandra

Hernandez Bautista, David

Hernandez Carrizosa, Fernando

Hernandez-Camacho, Leonel

Hernandez-Cortez, Edgar Imanol

Hernandez-Lopez, Joel

Hernandez-Perez, Erika

Hernandez-Romero, Paulina

Hernandez-Ruiz, Violeta

Herrera, Alan

Herrera, Angel

Herrera, Gabriella

Herrera, Melvin

Herrera Pereida, Briana

Herrera-Gil, Josue

Herrera-Leon, Juan

Herrera-Sanchez, Rolando

Hidalgo, Karen

Hidalgo, Montserrat

Hightower, Cincere

Holguin, Amelia

Hood, Brittini

Horta, Jesus

Horta Martinez, Daniel

Horta Martinez, Diana

Horta Martinez, Jessie

Hudson, Vanessa

Ibarra, Daniel

Idowu, Mary

Iniguez, Diana

Isguerra-Sanchez, Alexis

Jauriqui, Leticia

Jimenez, Andrea

Jimenez, Daniel

Jimenez, Maya

Jimenez, Rebecca

Jimenez Aquino, Abraham

Jimenez Hernandez, Gabriela

Jimenez-Hidalgo, Jessica

Jimenez-Lopez, Fidel

Jimenez-Ramos, Jennifer

Joaquin, Andrew

Johnson, Joslynn

Jones, Justin

Juarez, Evelyn

Juarez-Merino, Maribel

Kerber, Dillan

Landa-Cristobal, Nayeli

Lara, Evelyn

Lara Cornejo, Antonio

Lara Leal, Sonia

Larios, Oscar

Laureano, Vicente

Lazaro-Soto, Sylvestre

Leal, Salicia

Lemus, Xavier

Leon, Alexa

Leon, Maribel

Leon, Ryan

Leon, Triny

Lindstedt, Taylor

Lita-Velazquez, Cyndia

Llamas, Salvador

Llamas-Yanez, Julieta

Llerenas-Santiago, Lisandro

Loera, Albert

Lombera, Leslie

Lopes, Alex

Lopez, Christian

Lopez, Gilbert

Lopez, Irma

Lopez, Jenifer

Lopez, Joanna

Lopez, Johnny

Lopez, Salvador

Lopez Camacena, Mayra

Lopez Martinez, Alex

Lopez Matias, Bruno

Lopez-Fabian, Shayla

Lopez-Martinez, Rosario

Lopez-Mora, Omar

Lopez-Ramirez, Israel

Lopez-Reyes, Alex

Lopez-Toribio, Jesus

Lopez-Vargas, Maria

Lorance, Ethan

Lucero, Cassidy

Luna, Hailey

Luna Betancourt, Angel

Luna-Martinez, Johnny

Maahs, Christina

Maceda-Pachuqueno, Abel

Macias, Jacqueline

Maciel, Daniel

Maciel, Petra

Maciel, Riley

Maciel-Hernandez, Francisco

Maciel-Mendoza, Gabriela

Maclovio-Reyes, Cecilia

Magdaleno, Mayra

Maravilla, Juan Carlos

Marcial, Yuliana

Marroquin, Osvaldo

Mart - Rios

Martines, Alyssa

Martinez, Agustin

Martinez, Andres

Martinez, Bryan

Martinez, Carlos

Martinez, Eduardo

Martinez, Iveht

Martinez, Jesus

Martinez, Johnny

Martinez, Julianne

Martinez, Marco Antonio

Martinez, Michelle

Martinez, Monique

Martinez, Samuel

Martinez Beltran, Jose

Martinez Reyes, Angel

Martinez-Cruz, Javier

Martinez-Hernandez, Alexander

Martinez-Hernandez, Eliseo

Martinez-Juarez, Alexis

Martinez-Martinez, Alexandra

Martinez-Vasquez, Rodrigo

Mascorro, Julianna

Mccoy, Leann

Mechau, Roman

Medina, Alexandra

Medina, Juan

Medina, Sofia

Medina Juarez, Giovanny

Melchor-Dejesus, Angel

Melgoza-Cabrera, Alejandra

Mendez, Anna

Mendez, Lizbeth

Mendez, Vicente

Mendez, Yolanda

Mendez-Castillo, Airyn

Mendez-Castillo, Beverlyn

Mendez-Castillo, Melissa

Mendoza, Andrew Brian

Mendoza, Angelica

Mendoza, Jesus

Mendoza, Kevin

Mendoza, Maria

Mendoza, Melanie

Mendoza Alvarez, Wiliam Martin

Mendoza Benitez, Yarin

Mendoza-Lopez, Andrea

Mendoza-Luengas, Adriana

Mendoza-Santos, Saul

Meraz, Eduardo

Meza, Christian

Miguel-Leon, Alvina

Miramontes, Dariana

Miranda Diaz, Jocelyn

Mohammed, Yaslam

Molina, Seth

Monreal, Steven

Montalvo-Reyes, Beverly

Montano, Valeria

Montano-Pinuelas, Brian

Montes-Villavicencio, Susana

Montoya, Audrey

Mora, Manuel

Mora-Burgara, Johanie

Morales, Cecilia

Morales, Clarabelle

Morales, Luis

Morales Osorio, Daniel

Morales Pablo, Carolina

Morales Torres, Daniela

Morales-Cortes, Eleasib

Morales-Jimenez, Jaselin

Morales-Lopez, Miria

Morato, Julian

Moraz, Adam

Morelos, Victor

Moreno, Sebastian

Moreno Junior, Vicente

Moreno Lopez, Osvaldo

Mota-Hernandez, Itzel

Muniz-Mendez, Alexander

Munoz, Sebastian

Murillo-Zaragoza, Jose

Muro, Daniel

Nava, Roger

Navarro, Angel

Navarro, David

Nico, Antonio

Nico, Jose

Nungaray, Elijah

Ocampo, Joselyn

Ocegueda, Cesar

Ochoa, Jocelyn

Ochoa, Sarahee

Olivera, Osiris

Ordorica, Katie

Orozco-Felix, Kashmir

Ortega, Angel

Ortega, Daniela

Ortega, Gustavo

Ortega, Luis

Ortiz, Alexander

Ortiz, Elexity

Ortiz, Giovanni

Ortiz, Isaac

Ortiz Vasquez, Jonathan

Ortiz-Delgadillo, Citlali

Ortiz-Melgoza, Kimberly

Ortiz-Miguel, Nixhi

Pabelonio, Aliana

Padilla, Alejandra

Padilla, Silvia

Palacio, Elvira

Palacios, Lisbet

Parker, Patience

Partida Carrillo, Diego

Paz, Citlally

Paz-Lopez, Eric

Pedraza, Jose Ramon

Pedraza, Moises

Peralta, Devon

Perez, Aaron

Perez, Anahi

Perez, Destiny

Perez, Eddie

Perez, Edgar

Perez, James

Perez, Kenia

Perez, Neya

Perez, Selina

Perez Luna, Fabiola

Perez Ramos, Jesus

Perez-Cardenas, Andres

Perry, Maya

Peterson, Choreyon

Pimentel, Jade

Pimentel, Julin

Pineda, Giselle

Pineda, Mayde

Porfirio Martinez, Jeffrey

Porter, Sarah

Price, Nataria

Prichard, Melanie

Prudente, Anthony

Prudente, Daniela

Pruett, Taylor

Quintero, Agustin

Quintero-Lopez, Yangeli

Ramirez, Elizabeth

Ramirez, Fernando

Ramirez, Iker

Ramirez, Jorge

Ramirez, Lizbeth

Ramirez, Maximiliano

Ramirez-Salas, Liandro

Ramirez-Santiago, Rolando

Ramos, Fernando

Ramos-Dominguez, George

Rangel-Vargas, Lizbeth

Rendon, Roberto

Reyes, Darian

Reyes, Luisa

Reyes, Matthew

Reyes Cristobal, Jose

Reyes Medina, Javier

Reyes-Estrada, Erwin

Reyes-Giron, Richard

Reyes-Meza, Angel

Reyes-Mota, Cristal

Reyes-Ramirez, Martin

Reynoso, Alexia

Riddle, Chloe

Rinder, Sarah

Rios, Alma

Rios, Andreas

Rios-Hernandez, Fernando

Riv - Z

Rivas, Aileen

Rivera, Javier

Rivera, Jesmary

Rivera, Lydia

Rivera, Patrick

Rivera Flores, Viridiana

Rivera-Silva, Mauricio

Robles, Destiny

Rocha, Adrian

Rocha, Andres

Rodriguez, Adilenie

Rodriguez, Alexandra

Rodriguez, Alexis

Rodriguez, Angelita

Rodriguez, Annaliz

Rodriguez, Francisco

Rodriguez, Marlen

Rodriguez, Miguel

Rodriguez Hernandez, Paz

Rodriguez-Martinez, Pedro

Rodriguez-Perez, Eduardo

Rodriguez-Rivera, Lorena

Rodriguez-Tijero, Adrian

Rojas, Judith

Rojas-Ramos, Rodolfo

Rojas-Reyes, Estephanie

Romero, Jose

Romero, Zabdiel

Romero-Soto, Mayra

Romero-Zanjas, Diane

Rosales, Brandon

Rubio-Salas, Dora

Rueda, Briana

Rueda, Ruth

Ruiz, Juleona

Ruiz-Velasquez, Samuel

Salas, David

Salas Gonzalez, Cynthia

Salazar, Anahi

Salazar-Cruz, Iris

Salazar-Lopez, Jatzelle

Salazar-Ruiz, Christian

Saldana, Luis

Sanchez, Adam

Sanchez, Alexis

Sanchez, Gisell

Sanchez, Ismael

Sanchez, Jameela

Sanchez, Josue

Sanchez, Luis

Sanchez, Mia

Sanchez, Rafael

Sanchez, Roberto

Sanchez Martinez, Arturo

Sanchez-Garcia, Erica

Sanchez-Melgoza, Carlos

Sandhu, Manjinder

Sandoval, Daniel

Sandoval, Timothy

Sandoval Rosales, Felipe

Santiago-Dominguez, Osvaldo

Santos, Alondra

Santos, Britney

Santos, Grisel

Santos, Priscilla

Santos-Cortes, Cynthia

Santos-Herrera, Anahi

Santos-Mendez, Evelyn

Santos-Santos, Sarahy

Santos-Valentin, Felipe

Santos-Vasques, Daisy

Sarabia-Cortez, Yareli

Segovia, Jennifer

Serrano, Ashley

Shannon, Jasmine

Sheriff, Violet

Shippey, Dylan

Silber, Albert

Smith, Mercedes

Smith, Tiasia

Solano-Solano, Alex

Solis Zarate, Ely Jazmin

Solis-Gutierrez, Mario

Soriano, Alvaro

Soriano-Vazquez, Elizabeth

String, Typoria

Talavera, Alejandro

Tarabay-Rodriguez, Martha

Tatro, Hannah

Tavares, Anthony

Thomas, Jayshawn

Tinajero, Jose

Tornero, Alexandra

Torres, Daniel

Torres, Vanessa

Torres Iniguez, Nazyeli

Torres Lopez, Pablo Julian

Torres-Avina, Isidoro

Torres-Figueroa, Jordi

Torres-Herrera, Miguel

Torres-Sanchez, Alexander

Tovar, Eliana

Tovar Talavera, Erick

Troncoso, Jasmine

Tutt, Sydnie

Twisselmann, Schanell

Tyler, Isaiah

Urena Carrillo, Andres

Uribe, Jonathon

Vaca, Anthony

Valdez, Eliud

Valdez, Jazmin

Valencia Sosa, Chelsey

Valentin, Angelina

Valenzuela, Jesus

Valenzuela, Kristina

Valerio, Taylor

Vallejo, Joel

Vargas, Jose

Vargas-Berdejo, Yesenia

Vargas-Lopez, Edwin

Vargas-Navarrete, Jovanni

Vargas-Vargas, Yureissi

Vasquez, David

Vasquez, Jared

Vasquez, Mauricio

Vasquez De Jesus, Andres

Vasquez Gonzalez, Noemi

Vasquez Perez, Jesus

Vasquez Valencia, Paulina

Vasquez-Bautista, Daniel

Vasquez-Cabanas, Miguel

Vasquez-Daza, Edgar

Vasquez-Mendoza, Lizbeth

Vasquez-Soria, Damaris

Vasquez-Vasquez, Briseida

Vazquez, Ricardo

Vazquez Salvador, Pablo

Vazquez-Cortes, Jorge

Vega, Fidel

Vega-Martinez, Elisa

Velasco, Bethany

Velasco, Christina

Velasquez, Monserat

Velasquez Gutierrez, Nayeli

Velasquez-Jacinto, Michelle

Velazquez, Adolfo

Velazquez, Arlette

Velazquez, Jessica

Velazquez-Jimenez, Adrian

Venegas, Ivan

Ventura, Isabella

Vera, Enrique

Villa, Elijah

Villagomez, Natalie

Villanueva-Becerra, Jose

Villasenor, Maya

Villegas, Shalizbeth

Villegas Garcia, Brian

Villegas-Batista, Sheccid

Vintayen, Cryxian

Walker, Braya

Ward, Roxanna

Webb-Deluna, Justin

Webster, Aniyah

Wells, Alissa

Widemon, Stephun

Wildman, Joshua

Williams, Noell

Ybarra, Brianna

Ybarra, Devon

Yumusak, Samantha

Zamora, Adrian

Zamudio, Emily

Zapata-Quezada, Jorge

Zapien, Luis

Zaragoza, Lorena

Zarco-Feria, Jonathan

Zuniga, Emmanuel

Zurita, Lourdes