Rebrand announcement!

For 180 years, Catholic schools have been providing students in the Archdiocese of Melbourne with the best education possible.

Melbourne Archdiocese Catholic Schools (MACS) was established on 1 January 2021 to bring together nearly 300 Catholic schools from across Melbourne to build on that legacy and forge a new path together. Our strategy, MACS 2030: Forming Lives to Enrich the World, outlines our purpose: Forming lives of faith, hope and love in the light of Jesus Christ.

We are very proud of our new brand, what it symbolises about us and our mission, and of our MACS 2030 strategy.

Our rebrand journey

About 12 months ago, we started our journey to rebrand MACS as one system of many schools.

Along the way, we heard from our students, parents, staff, and friends from many different walks of life, about how they saw us and our mission in proclaiming the Good News and enlightening the lives of the students in our care.

Because our students, staff and other stakeholders have played a role in shaping our rebrand, our new brand won’t only affect our offices in East Melbourne, Croydon, Moorabbin, Moonee Ponds or Werribee, but will extend to all of us who learn, teach and work in the MACS education system.

We are all very excited to see this work come to life for our system.

Our brand manifesto – Lighting their path

Accompanying our change of logo is a new manifesto and end line. 'Lighting their path' captures the critical work that comes to life in our classrooms and playgrounds, administrative wings and system offices. It reminds us that we all have a role to play in the education and development of students across the system, helping every student reach their potential and be the best versions of themselves.

The manifesto

Light is a powerful thing.

It can lift you up. Guide the way. Help the world flourish.

That’s why we shine a light on each and every one of our students.

One that fills them with knowledge, skills, care, respect and experience.

Our guiding principles helping them reach their potential and be the best versions of themselves.

Because when we do, it leads to brighter futures.

Those in which our students can become a guiding light themselves.

Melbourne Archdiocese Catholic Schools. Lighting their path.

Our new logo

The MACS logo is the official stamp on our visual content and one of the most recognisable elements. It has been designed with the following mind:

The cross or crucifix at the centre of our logo represents that the Catholic faith is at the very heart of everything we do.

The pathways create a sense of multiple, different paths leading forward, emphasising that there is no singular ‘right’ path.

The light streams, symbolising the light of Jesus Christ, also emphasises the brand manifesto of ‘lighting their path’.

The triangular shape of the logo points upwards implying progress, a future focus and forward movement.

Our new brand colours

Golden Light

This colour is taken from the gold light that shines through the tinted windows of St Patrick's Cathedral. As a liturgical colour, gold symbolises glory, joy, innocence and purity of soul.


Bluestone is a distinctive feature of Melbourne's streetscape and part of the daily fabric of life in the city. The colour evokes feelings of stability and wisdom.

On behalf of everyone at MACS, we are incredibly excited to introduce our new brand, and we are looking forward to bringing it to life across our communities in the months ahead.