Summer 2020

"Library in Summer," June 2017, DeWitt Wallace Library Image Archive,

Adapted from Critical Digital Pedagogy and the History of Art and Architecture, co-created by Dr. Alison Langmead and Kate Joranson at the University of Pittsburgh.

The purpose of this website is to provide a dedicated space for thinking about pedagogy during the Summer of 2020 as we aim to build the best possible Fall semester. Although we've come to this point partly because of a terrible global pandemic, we have a unique opportunity to collaborate and share ideas in ways that we haven't previously.

The following topics (also linked from the navigation menu under "Home") can be approached in any sequence and at any time. The following schedule represents the format for the pedagogy workshop that we ran at Macalester College in June. This workshop was facilitated by Aisling Quigley, the Postdoctoral Fellow in the Digital Liberal Arts, Andrea Kaston-Tange, Professor and Department Chair of English and Director of Digital Liberal Arts, and Devavani Chatterjea, Professor of Biology and Associate Director of the Serie Center, with assistance from Joan Ostrove, Professor of Psychology and Director of the Jan Serie Center for Scholarship and Teaching (CST), Brad Belbas, Academic Information Associate for Social Sciences, Melissa Fletcher, Director of Disability Services, and Liz Schneider-Bateman, Director of Counseling. We were excited to facilitate conversations and exercises throughout this two-week engagement in a way that allowed us to benefit from our collective wisdom. We hope to carry the knowledge gathered from this experience forward even beyond these days of pandemic teaching.

Goals and Learning Objectives of this workshop:

  • Explain what critical digital pedagogy is and why it matters in higher education

  • Foster a safe and supportive community space for thinking through and discussing digital pedagogy

  • Provide a dedicated time and space to engage with topics

  • Offer opportunities to bring assignments and syllabi to the group and receive feedback

Overall questions to prompt reflection on topics/readings:

  • What do/did you want to learn?

  • What are you curious about?

  • What seems possible, and what seems impossible?

  • What do/did you find surprising?

Monday-Friday, June 8-19, 2020 over Zoom

Three cohorts: 9-10:30 AM CT (Andrea), 10:30 AM-12 PM CT (Aisling), and 2-3:30 PM CT (Devavani)

Monday, June 8: Introduction & Framing

Friday, June 12: Trauma-informed Teaching

Monday, June 15: Assignments

Thursday, June 18: Object-based Learning

Friday, June 19: Reflection