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Introducing the new LWVPGH VOTER RESOURCES PAGES which will support your search for nonpartisan and reliable information for the 2020 General Election process, resources for youth empowerment, voter registration, mail-in voting, and more. See Election Protection Coalition Hotline and other hotlines, below.

These resources have been created by the League of Women Voters of Greater Pittsburgh Voter Service Committees. See more...

They not only provide civic education for young and first-time voters, but also to provide a wide range of resources that are helpful for all citizens. On the following pages, you will find the many resources created by the High School Voter Outreach committee--they are not only for youth! You will find unique infographics, printable posters, digital tutorials and lessons, videos, resource websites, and more.

IMPORTANT UPDATE: is now live!

This League of Women Voters website is informative, nonpartisan and reliable for every Pennsylvania voter. Just type in your address and view the candidates who will be on your ballot, and more. Candidates for each office are invited to answer questions that are important to voters. Compare their answers side-by-side.

"Your Vote--Your Voice!"

  • Find our latest resources here

  • Check back often for the most up-to-date information

  • Motivate eligible citizens digitally and with printed materials

  • Provide crucial information for new voters

  • Overview of new voting methods

  • Explanation of the mail-in voting process

  • Pennsylvania Mail-in Ballot Application

  • Ballot return options

  • Security safeguards

  • Important registration and voting deadlines

  • Make a plan to vote

  • Problems at the polling place? What to do.

  • Engaging digital tutorials on voting and civic engagement

  • Companion documents and follow-up activities for classroom use

  • Schedule a live zoom presentation by League members

  • Voter Registration Digital Tutorial

  • Pennsylvania Voter Registration Application

  • Line-by-Line Registration Instructions for PA voters

En Espanol--Spanish Language Voter Resources

  • Listo Para Votar?

  • Registrarse Para Votar

  • Que Su Vote Cuenta

  • Poll Worker Recruitment tools

  • Allegheny County and Statewide versions

  • Essential Forms and Voter Documents

  • Non-partisan information about the candidates on your ballot

  • Fact checking resources

  • New Video from Franco Harris. Videos from WQED's public television series, "Campaign U," featuring our League of Women Voters of Greater Pittsburgh projects and members

About the High School Voter Outreach Project

Over the past three years, we have presented in-person classroom lessons to approximately 1000 students and received approximately 800 voter registrations, with the help of our dedicated presenters and committed volunteers. See more...

We have received overwhelmingly positive feedback from students and teachers about our program. In March 2020, because of the pandemic crisis, we suspended our in-person lessons and created new ways to reach eligible young voters.

Our inventive team reworked our copyrighted “Voting Made Easier" digital lesson to respond to these challenging times. This lesson provides one instructional hour of online learning, with links to the online and paper Voter Registration Applications, and more. We also provide resources for teachers, including open-ended questions to extend student learning and resource websites.

For youth and all citizens during the summer and fall, we created four short digital tutorials with hyperlinks and a number of imaginative new infographics.

Find the digital lesson and other documents that promote youth voter empowerment on the High School and College Voter Outreach Page.

The High School Voter Outreach committee is NOW SCHEDULING VIRTUAL classroom lessons for the fall and winter semesters via ZOOM presented by our experienced volunteers. Contact us for more information at:

Governor's Civic Engagement Award

In February 2020 volunteers from the High School Voter Outreach Committee visited Brentwood and Elizabeth Forward High Schools. See more...

As a result of our school visits and in partnership with dynamic staff and students at each of these schools, Brentwood High School won Pennsylvania's 2020 GOLD Governor's Civic Engagement Award and Elizabeth Forward High School was a recipient of the SILVER Award!

At Brentwood High School, in collaboration with the public television station WQED, our "Voting Made Easier" presentation and a number of student interviews were filmed. Find the link to this video on the Videos Page.

Brentwood High School, winner the 2020 GOLD Governor's Civic Engagement Award, along with the League of Women Voters of Greater Pittsburgh, were featured in a Pennsylvania Department of State webinar on August 20, which kicked off the GCE Award for the coming school year and promoted best practices in youth voter outreach.