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Contact information: Julia Stratton,, 818-991-4940 x 25227

Hours of Operation: M, Tue, Thur - 10:30-2:45 W - 8:15-12:30 F - 10:45-2:45

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How many books can a student check out?

  • Students in Grades TK through 1st may borrow one book at a time. Dual Language Program students may borrow one in Spanish and 1 in English.
  • Students in Grades 2nd through 8th may borrow two to three books at a time. For Dual Language Program students, they may borrow 2 in Spanish and 1 in English.
  • Parents/Guardians may borrow up to five books from the library. Please visit the library to set up an account or come in with your student to check out under your student's account.

When are books due?

  • Books are checked out for one week at a time for Grades K through 8th. Books may be renewed once, but they must be brought into the Library for renewal. If the library has multiple copies of a specific book that are available, a student may be able to renew a third time.

What happens if my book is overdue?

  • Please note that students are NOT charged a daily overdue fine. Students will be reminded to return overdue books and depending on the grade level, may not be allowed to check out a new book until the overdue item is returned.
  • After 60 days, books will be considered lost and students will be assessed a fine for the item or they are allowed to bring in a hardcover replacement copy of that book.

What happens if my book is lost/damaged?

  • A book is considered lost once 60 days have passed since the original due date.
  • Lost/damaged books must be paid for or replaced in order to clear student records by the end of the school year.
  • Payments can be made via the LVUSD site, and a copy of the receipt must be brought to the library for the student's account to be cleared.
  • Alternatively, exact cash can be brought to the library.

Does the Media Center | Library accept book donations?

  • Yes! New or gently used books may be donated. They will be added to the library collection or provided to an individual classroom.