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Featured Read Aloud

This Week's Activity:

Art Activity: End of Year Collage

MATERIALS — Items for collage: newspaper, magazines, colored paper, photographs, construction paper, glue

A collage is a piece of art made by gluing different kinds of materials onto a backing. In the story, Sebastian’s Roller Skates, the illustrator uses torn paper to represent Sebastian’s feelings in the book. In the beginning of the story, Sebastian is shy and quiet. His thoughts are represented by black, gray, and white torn paper collages. As the story moves on and Sebastian begins to talk, his thoughts are represented by colorful bright collages.

Make a collage reflecting upon the school year using the materials you gathered. The pieces should overlap and no white background should be showing. Tear the paper into small pieces and use the torn pieces of paper to glue into a picture of your choosing to create your collage.

This Week's Conversation Starter/Writing Prompt:

  • Why are some people shy? What can help them overcome this?

Featured Read Aloud of the Week: May 24th - May 28th

This week, as the end of our school year approaches, our featured read aloud from Storyline Online is, " Sebastian's Roller Skates" by Joan de Deu Prats. Sebastian doesn’t talk much even though he has a lot to say, but a pair of roller skates may unlock more than Sebastian’s coordination in this story about a boy who realizes that with practice, he just gets better and better--and learns a lot more than just how to skate. This story reminds students that no matter the obstacles they face, with persistence and grit, they can overcome and succeed.

Sebastian's Roller Skates

  • Written by: Joan de Deu Prats

  • Illustrated by: Francesc Rovira

  • Published by: Kane/Miller Books Publishers

  • Read by: Caitlin Wachs

  • Suggested grade level: 2nd - 4th

  • Run time: 6.5 minutes

Sebastian didn't talk very much, even though he had a lot to say. Sebastian was shy. He was very shy. But when he finds a pair of old roller skates in the park, he learns how to do much more than skate…

Featured Read Aloud of the Week: May 17th - May 21st

This week, our featured read aloud from Storyline Online is, " Arnie the Doughnut" by Laurie Keller. The themes of this lighthearted story include imagination, humor, friendship, and problem-solving.

Arnie the Doughnut

"At first glance, Arnie looks like an average doughnut - round, cakey, iced and sprinkled, with a hole in the middle. He was made by one of the best bakeries in town, and admittedly his sprinkles are candy-colored. Still, a doughnut is just a doughnut, right? WRONG! Not if Arnie has anything to say about it. And, for a doughnut, he sure seems to have an awful lot to say. Can Arnie change the fate of all doughnuts - or at least have a hand in his own future?"

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