Helpful Tech Tips

Acer Self-Help Guide

Trackpad problems:

Sound Problems

● Use Fn+ up and down arrow keys to increase and decrease volume.

● Use FN+F8 to mute/restore.

● You can also change the volume in the top right hand corner of the screen by clicking on the sound symbol and adjusting the sliding scale.

Screen Brightness

Wireless problems:

● RESET COMPUTER (see below under ' restore to factory settings'). It should be using the LVUSD Devices network at school. 

Machine Not Behaving Properly​ 

Screen freezing, applications not loading, wireless won’t connect, and all of the above issues can be solved: 

Restore to Factory Settings:

Security Boot Fail:

Temporary fix (for more permanent fix on laptops dated 2019, it will need to be updated at the DO):

General Help

Add a Google Shortcut:

To make accessing frequent sites easy:                                                                               

Add a Bookmark:

 To bookmark a page:

Download Zoom App:   

Some of the zoom apps on the Acers are missing or outdated but here are instructions: