Welcome to the Lupin Hill Media Center

Contact information: Mrs. Abrams 

Telephone:  818-880-4434  x 22247 

Email : tabrams@lvusd.org

Hours of operation:  8:30 - 3:00

 A hub is defined as a center of activity and certainly describes the Lupin Hill Media Center. Located  in the center of  campus, the LH Media Center is truly the hub from which all things flow. Besides offering over 5,000 library books, this is also the origin of textbooks, ACERs, and resource material.  Computers are available for students to access our Follett Catalog of Books, which allows students and their families to search for books by title, author, grade level, Lexile measure,  and genre. 

Our goal is to make the Lupin Hill library a welcoming space where students are encouraged to explore and learn. 

We strive to foster a love of reading that will help students become lifelong learners.

The library is open to 4th and 5th graders during their lunch playtime. Students are welcome to choose from our selection of games to play quietly or find a cozy spot to read. 

Weekly Schedule Lupin Hill


How many books can a student check out?

When are books due?

What happens if my book is overdue?

What happens if my book is lost/damaged?

Does the Media Center | Library accept book donations?

Where do i pay for damaged ACERs/Chargers/Cases?