Mrs. Carlson's Fourth Grade


Welcome to Room F107 and Mrs. Carlson's Class at Yerba Buena Elementary School! This webpage is for students and parents to use as a resource both at home and at school. Feel free to explore and see what we're all about!


The Fourth Grade Teachers have decided to start CAASPP testing the week of May 20. The testing window for CAASPP will be May 20 - May 31. We may go into the first week of June if needed. The week of May 13-17 students will be taking our last RenStar tests, will be reviewing fourth grade skills and preparing for Open House. Open House is Thursday, May 23rd. More information to follow. If you are planning to send encouragement letters please send them in no later than May 20th.

Thank you,

Mrs. Carlson


Math: Students completed their Mid-Chapter Quiz online. I will be sending home their answer page and release the test questions with answers on Monday. Please review the test with your child, sign and return the test by Tuesday.

Tests can be found in students ThinkCentral Account under "Scores" You, along with your child, can review each math question and the answer.

Students will have the first part of Chapter 2 test on Tuesday. Since there are many strategies to know for this unit, the test will be split into 2 parts. Students will need to study #'s 5,6,9,10,12,17 and 18 from the pre- test. This reviews lessons 2.1 - 2.7 in chapter 2

The second part of the test will be the following week either on Wednesday or Thursday. Day will be determined on readiness. Students will need to study #'s 1,4,8,11,15, and 16 from the pre- test. This reviews lessons 2.9 - 2.12 in chapter 2

Language Arts: Text Features Test on Wednesday. Study/Practice sheets will come home on Monday/Tuesday.

Our class has just finished the second unit of the Making Meaning® program. In this unit, the students explored expository nonfiction. Expository nonfiction texts include many of the informational texts students encounter both in school and outside of school. These texts include newspapers, magazines, websites, textbooks, encyclopedias, directions, and recipes. Your child now has a better understanding of how to learn from expository nonfiction texts. During this unit, the students also practiced explaining their thinking, sharing their partners’ thinking, and writing about what they have read.

More about Skill we have been focusing on:

You can help your child understand expository nonfiction at home by:

• Collecting nonfiction texts such as those listed above

• Stopping every so often during your reading together to notice some nonfiction text features, such as the table of contents, index, diagrams, maps, bold or italicized words, etc.

• Encouraging your child to listen carefully while you read aloud Before you read an expository nonfiction text with your child, you may want to read the title aloud and ask questions such as:

• What do you know about the subject of this [book/article]?

• What do you wonder about the subject? After reading, you can ask your child:

• What is one thing you learned?

• What are you still wondering?

• What did you learn that surprised you? Have fun reading, wondering, questioning, and learning together.

Spelling: Spelling Bee words test on Wednesday. Top 2 spellers will move on to the Spelling Bee on Friday.

Grammar Skill: Complete Sentences subject/predicate

Things to Remember this week:

  • Turn in classroom funds in envelope labeled with your child's name for our room mom, Mrs. Banks
  • turn in spelling bee pledge form (not money yet) by Tuesday, October 2nd
  • Collect pledges October 4-11. All money pledges are due October 12th
  • sign conduct card
  • charge computers

Week of September 24th

Spelling words for the next two weeks are the Bobcat Bee words. The test will be next Wednesday. See announcement from PFA below.

Math: Videos to reteach each math this lesson is on Google classroom under "math videos" if you and your child are struggling with the each multiplication concepts.

Students should continue to practice multiplication facts on XtraMath or Freckle.

Make sure to turn in your Classroom Donation in an envelope labeled with your child's name

Please help your child with:

  • computers charged each night
  • All work in backpack
  • Signing and returning tests in the red communication folder and taking out all other papers that do not need to be returned
  • Having library books on Thursday morning
  • PE shoes on Wednesdays and Thursdays


Spelling Bee words and the Pledge Form will come home Monday, September 24, with all of the information about fundraising and donations, including incentive prizes.

In the days leading up to the test, they will reach out to sponsors (family members, friends, neighbors, etc.) to pledge a donation amount. The Pledge Forms are due back Tuesdsay, October 2. A homework pass will be given to all students who turn in their Pledge Forms October 2.

On Wednesday, October 3, students will be challenged to a special spelling test during school.

Corrected Spelling Tests and Pledge Forms will be returned to the students Thursday, October 4, to begin collection.

The Bobcat Bee Finals for 3rd through 5th grade will be Friday, October 5th, in the MPR.

All donations are due by Friday, October 12.

This is a great, educational way to raise money for the programs and staff that benefit all YB students.

We appreciate your support for this event!

Week of September 17th

  • Remember to sign conduct cards
  • Communication Folders will come home on Monday
  • Tuesday 9/18 Picture Day. Remember to order pictures online (YB Beat email or send form in communication folder
  • Wednesday No school ~ Fall recess
  • Friday African Drumming and Dance First class with Deputy Donohoo
  • Friday Bring in Salt Dough for next Monday's art class (directions will be in Communication Folder)

Week of September 10th Announcements and Reminders

We are continuing to learn beginning of the year routines.

In reading we will start focusing on non-fiction reading. We will focus on text features that can be found in our non-fiction reading books.

Last week we started African Drumming with Andrew Grueschow. We will have 5 workshop sessions learning about “Drum and Dance of Ghana”

Conduct Cards went home on Friday. Please sign and return in agenda book by Tuesday morning. If your child earned less than 6 stars they filled out a "Fix-It" reflection form. Please sign this and student will return to me on Tuesday as well. Please take some time to talk about the reflection with your child. Positive rewards are given often. I give tickets for the treasure box, table points for a pizza lunch with the teacher, and extra minutes for recess. I'd prefer to focus on the positive.

Remember you can check out announcements and daily homework on my website at

Please fill out the "Getting to Know You" form if you haven't yet

Spelling Test Scores can be viewed at your child's Spelling City home page under "records"

This week we will have our first Math test on Chapter 1. Students will complete their Math pre-test in their book. This will be their study guide. Questions for the test will be similar to the ones in the book. The best way to study is to go over missed questions after we correct the pre-test in class. The same procedure should be used for math homework. Students should go over missed answers on homework. In our next math chapter we dive into multiplication. Students should continue to work on learning multiplication math facts each night for homework.

Log in information will be sent home for Xtra math and Freckle math facts practice will be sent home Tuesday.

Students should have their computers charged and have earbuds and a mouse in class each day. Many sites we visit like Spelling City have sound and it is imperative that students have their supplies each day. Students lose an academic star when they are not prepared each day. Some students will need extra reinforcement in being organized. Come up with a plan that works to help your child become successful.

If your child is running for Student Council they need to follow the outline that was sent home. This week students will start campaigning, and speeches will be given on Friday. Students running for class ambassador will give a 1-2 minute speech in class on Thursday morning.

I'm looking forward to a great week!

Mrs. Carlson

Week of August 27th

We are off to a great start in Mrs. Carlson's fourth grade classroom! Last week we did lots of fun activities to help get to know each other and create a positive classroom community.

Here are some quick "TO DO's"

  • Please make sure all forms are filled out and returned to me ASAP.
  • Attach a picture to the emergency release card if I sent it back in the Red Communication Folder
  • Make sure to get all the needed supplies. Most importantly, 2 -3 ring binders, folders and inserts to go in the 3-ringed binders, spiral notebooks, a mouse and headphones for their Acer. All of the specifics were sent home in the Red Communication Folder or can be found on my website
  • Make sure to submit the questionnaire below "Getting to know your student"
  • Student should be working On their "Getting to Know You" poster homework that is due this Wednesday

This week we will start many new subjects. We are starting both the Language Arts and Math programs. Science is first thing on Monday morning and Art will start Monday afternoon. We will also be starting Library this week. On Tuesday, students will be bringing home their Acers for the first time. Please make sure your child's Acer comes to school charged each day. This week starts the beginning of our behavior system and a "Conduct Card" will come home in your child's homework reminder book each Friday. Please remember to sign it before the start of school the following week. This is your child's homework assignment and it keeps you in the loop on behavior and homework.

This Wednesday is "Back To School Night" I hope to see you then, as I have so much more to share with you!

5:15 - 6:15 Buttercup

5:30 - 6:00 Special Education

6:00 - 6:30 TK, Kindergarten, 1st, 2nd and 3rd grade

6:30 - 7:00 General meeting (MPR)

7:00 - 7:30 4th and 5th grade

Have a great week

Mrs. Carlson

2018-19 Fourth Grade Supply List