Certificated Staff Development

For the 2016-17 School Year there are two types of Staff Development: 19.5 hours of Required Professional Learning time (which includes 6.5 hours at the All Staff Development Day on September 19) and up to 13 hours of Optional Collaborative Learning time, which replaces the two optional days at the end of the school year from prior years.

Staff will be issued time cards for Professional Learning time, which must be turned in by June 16th. Failure to complete Required Professional Learning time may result in a charge of missing time against available sick time. Optional Collaborative Learning activities must be pre-approved by an administrator.

Required Professional Learning Hours Breakdown (19.5)

6.5 Hours

Staff Development Day, September 19th (Already completed)

3 Hours

Whole-District Grade Level or Department Collaboration, Dates TBD

8.5 Hours

Site Directed Learning/Collaboration (See your school administrator for details)

Optional Collaborative Learning Hours (Up to 13.0)

In order to participate in and be paid for Optional Collaborative Learning time, schools, grade levels, departments, or other groups must either select from the List of Pre-approved Collaborative Learning Plans or submit a Collaborative Learning Proposal Form to the Collaborative Learning Review Team for approval prior to engaging in the collaborative learning activity.

Collaborative Learning Plans must meet the following criteria:

  • Must be collaborative and in person (ie take place in groups meeting together)
  • Must produce a product, such as lesson plans, curriculum maps, etc.

The Collaborative Learning Review Team will review and approve proposals within the first week of each month.