Ms. Lombardi

Welcome to my academic website! I have been a teacher at Lenape Valley for 14 years and have been in the profession for 16 years. Prior to teaching, I worked for Atlantic Health in the public relations office. I have a soon-to-be four year old daughter who is the center of my life and joy! She is my inspiration to do my job well as I am invested in her future and in her education. I treat students with the understanding that they are all individuals with unique skills and with different needs.

Each class here contains the course syllabus in outline form and a copy of the calendar from my Google Classroom site.

It has been a pleasure working here for many years, and I look forward to a great year with all of my new classes and students! I believe that almost anything is possible with enough hard work and determination. It is my job to help students navigate the ways to success not only in school, but in life. In school, we don't just learn content; we learn how to learn, and, more importantly, how to think.

You can contact me via e-mail anytime at