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Locust Valley Middle School

Digital Library!

Locust Valley Middle and High School students and staff have access to a library of e-books and audiobooks at Overdrive that can be checked out from anywhere. Along with Overdrive resources, our digital library includes access to news and information databases, as well as educational video streaming services.

For access to Databases and Video Streaming go to the libraries web page. Remote passwords are available here, as well.

To access e-books and audiobooks at Overdrive follow the directions below or watch Watch how to log on to Overdrive :

Logging in to Overdrive:

Click on the link in the middle of the page

Watch how to log on to Overdrive

Username will be first initial, last name, all lower case (ex. bsmith, hjones)

If you are in SIXTH grade or SEVENTH grades only, your username is your first initial, last name and your graduation year. (ex. bsmith26 (7th grade), hjones27 (6th grade))

Password is lvcsd (just like that! All lowercase)

You may also download the Sora app to your device (tablet, cell, laptop). Use the same username and password to access. Sora may be used to borrow and read / listen to books / audiobooks.

Browsing and selecting a book

Ebooks have an open book symbol, Audiobooks have a headphones symbol.

You can use the search box to search by keywords, title and author.

Click on “Collections” to narrow down by Most Popular and Recently Added.

Click on “Subjects” to narrow down by genre.

Two titles can be checked out, for three weeks.

If you want to return your book earlier so you can check out new ones, go back to your checkouts page.

Underneath the cover picture, there is a button that says “Return Title.”

When you click on it, you will be asked to rate the book 1-5 stars (Be kind! Be honest!). Then click on the green “Yes” button to return it. Now you can choose more books!

Happy reading!!!

You may email Mrs. Bennett in the middle school with any questions you might have!

Temporary Library Hours

Monday - Friday 8:15 a.m. - 2:30 p.m.


Library Staff

Mrs. Bennett, Librarian Email:

Mrs. Smith, Library Teaching Assistant

Need A book? Click HERE for the library catalog

Need a suggestion? Click on Great Reads 2020

Check out our eBook collection at OVERDRIVE