Policy at LUU

At LUU we're led by you, our 38,000 members – that means every single one of you can make a change to what we do, how we do it & who represents you. The ‘Better Forums’ are how policy and key decisions get made, and they’re run by students. Inspired by what you see? Click here to submit your own idea to one of three forums; Better Union, Better University or Better Leeds.

What is policy? - Policy is essentially a statement of intent: it guides the work of the Student Executive and staff here at LUU, and gives us something to aim for in our quest to change and improve things for students. All policy at LUU lasts for three years; some can happen straight away, others might take months of lobbying to make any progress. On this site you can explore all of LUU's active policy, see who's working on it and what's happened.