Designing for Global Experiences

About This Workshop

The advent of new and emerging technologies has made it easier than ever for students and teachers to collaborate with others around the world. To prepare students to be successful global citizens, schools must develop students' global competence through engaging, authentic learning experiences

In this full day workshop, participants will explore examples of global collaboration, understand aspects of globalized schools, and develop a rationale and plan for contributing to your school's global vision. Experienced thought leaders in the fields of educational technology, global education and design thinking will guide you and your team in developing a practical and customized action plan for going global in your school.

Participants will be able to:

  • identify innovation
  • apply elements of the design thinking process
  • understand global competency and implications for student learning
  • learn about ways to connect classrooms to the world
  • develop language for making the case to community stakeholders for implementing global learning in their school
  • prototype a globally oriented project, program, initiative or event