School District of Luck


Superintendent’s Message

Thank you for supporting the $300,000 per year operational referendum in April 2019. This referendum boasted an impressive 65% success rate. These funds will be used to continue to purchase school supplies, upgrade technology, fund extracurricular activities, and employ exceptional staff.

In addition to the operational referendum, the School District of Luck also asked taxpayers to support a $9.5 million bond referendum to cover the cost of much-needed capital improvements, along with renovating the elementary gym/auditorium and adding a School/Community Wellness Center. This referendum was defeated by less than 30 votes.

The Board of Education and administrative team spent many hours reviewing facility audit findings, cost estimates, and schematic drawings to determine the best course of action. We felt we had hit the mark in project scope and cost. The referendum results showed that while we were close, we weren’t quite there yet.

The School District of Luck needs your help now more than ever! We have $5.5 million in deferred maintenance projects that aren’t going away. Our bathrooms are not ADA compliant, sinks and cabinetry remain outdated, 21st-century learning spaces are lacking, and the continual fight for gym space still exists. The District is considering another referendum to address the identified problems in our aging facility. The decisions we make now will significantly impact the community for the next 30-40 years. Your advice is critically important to ensure we are pursuing projects that fit the educational needs and long-term vision of the community.

The District has compiled a post-referendum survey to analyze why constituents voted the way they did and gauge our top priorities moving forward. This will be followed by a focus group meeting to review survey results and provide valuable feedback. Please consider participating in these opportunities to share your thoughts about the future of our school. Together, we can work towards an educational landscape focused on respect, integrity, and excellence.

Post-Referendum Survey

The School District of Luck is conducting a post-referendum survey to gauge how the community voted. This survey will provide valuable feedback as the Board of Education considers its options moving forward. Please follow the link below to take this survey. The survey will remain open until November 6, 2019. Parents will also be emailed this link via Skyward.

Where can we learn more about the upcoming referendum?

The School District of Luck invites all community members to join a Focus Group tasked with analyzing the District’s facility needs. This group offers a chance for citizens to analyze identified projects and share potential solutions. A community meal of pulled pork and sides will be served at 6 pm before the meeting. If you have any questions, contact Cory Hinkel at 715-472-2152 or

· Monday, November 11: 6:30 pm – Commons Area Near Main Entrance

Additional information about the proposed referendum can be found in the documents below:

Community Newsletter

Gym Diagram

A complete list of the Luck facility audit can be found here.

Below is the presentation from the focus group:

Luck SD_Community Presentation_2019 Final.pptx