Lubec Elementary School

44 South Street

Lubec ME, 04652

Office: 207-733-5561

FAX: 207-733-2013

Contact Information

Lovina M. Wormell, Principal

Office: 207-733-5561

FAX: 207-733-2013

AOS #77

RSU 85/MSAD 19

Reminder: Please make sure your child brings sneakers for gym class.

Grades 5-8 conferences will be on Wednesday, Nov. 2nd, and Thursday, Nov. 3rd. There was a typo in the papers that were mailed home.

Dear parents,

The covid home test kits have arrived. Each box contains 2 tests and you will receive one box for each student in your home.

Tests can be picked up at the school at the following times:




If you need to arrange a different time for pickup, please call me at 733-5561 X 12.

Thank you

Barbara Mathews RN

School Nurse

January 2022

Lubec Elementary School worked with staff, the community, parents and students to determine best needs for in person and remote learning during the COVID pandemic. It was decided that the following programs and projects will be implemented:

Technology needs to include the purchase of iPads, chargers, keyboards, zoom accounts and related professional development for staff to include zoom and google instruction were funded.

Additional custodial hours were added in an effort o keep the school disinfected per CDC guidelines.

Window replacement, upgrades of technology infrastructure, the hiring of additional bus drivers, custodians, and bus monitors were included in the grant proposal.

It was agreed by all that safety hazards at the school be addressed to include the replacement of old crumbled asphalt, replacement of old doors, old tile floors, installation of no contact faucets, and no contact paper towel dispensers were funded.

Additional COVID sanitization equipment was purchased to include a floor sanitization machine and additional cleaning items.

An after school enrichment program and a summer school enrichment program were coordinated with the help of Lubec a community Outreach Center and they will continue for three years with the help of the Covid federal funds.

Reopening 21-22, Three Plans

Reminder: Students go outside for recess, weather permitting, every day. Please be sure to send children to school with clothing that will keep them warm and dry.

Snow/School Makeup Days

Snow days will be made up with blizzard bags, which students have received from their homeroom teacher. Students should complete one assignment from each teacher per day, starting with the first day, and move on to the following days as needed. Ex: one LA assignment, one Math assignment, one Art assignment (on an Art Day), … There are three days worth of assignments in each blizzard bag, which covers three snow days. If necessary, new assignments will be sent home to cover more than three days.

ESEA Letter to Parents
22-23 District Notification.pdf