Leisure Travel Vans


Greetings and welcome to our website.

The Leisure Travel Vans Southwest Roadrunners is a self-formed, self-regulated, and not-for-profit travel club, supported by Leisure Travel Vans (LTV).

Our Vision

Our vision for the LTV Southwest Roadrunners Travel Club is

to support a group of Leisure Travel Vans Owners, enabling

them to travel to new places, create new friendships,

and learn more about their RV and RV lifestyle.

Destruction Bay, Yukon Territory

Where we've been

The Southwest LTV Roadrunners Travel Club is a group of dynamic and enthusiastic LTV owners, primarily from California, Nevada, and Arizona who gather together for rallies and trips to places all over the three state area and beyond. Our mission is to plan activities of short, medium, long, and epic lengths. In the past, shorter rallies have included visits to the wine country, the coast, the mountains, deserts and the popular Annual Meeting at the Oasis RV Resort in Las Vegas. There have been visits to the Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta, get-togethers in cities, on the coast, in the deserts and the mountains. In other words, to paraphrase Johnny Cash and others ...

We've been everywhere, man. We've been everywhere, man.

Crossed the deserts bare, man. Breathed the mountain air, man.

Of travel we've had our share, man. We've been everywhere ...

And if we haven't, we're planning to! We've been to Quartzsite, Las Vegas, Alaska, Temecula, Chula Vista, Newport Beach, Mission Bay, the Gold Country of California, Albuquerque, Pismo Beach, Casa Grande, The Canadian Maritimes, Newfoundland, Napa, Mammoth, Lake Mead, Reno, Bend, The Big Trees in Northern California! And we're just getting started!