LTPS Technology

The teachers, staff and administrators of Lawrence Township Public Schools are committed to preparing students to live and work effectively in the 21st Century.

We pursue our mission by engaging our students in a technology-rich learning environment that incorporates challenging and innovative curricular programs. The technology mission of Lawrence Township Public Schools is to provide the district with the resources and capacity to support this goal, ensuring that our children will be ready for a different, ever-changing world.

Our 1:1 Laptop program, started in 2010, now encompasses all students in grades K-12. Over 3800 Chromebooks are now in the hands of our students. Students in grades 6-12 have a Chromebook that they can take home. Students in grades K-5 have a Chromebook assigned to them that stays in a cart in their classroom.

Classrooms in grades K-8 are equipped with either a SMART® interactive projector or a SMART® board. All classrooms in the high school have mounted data projectors. In addition, most classrooms in grades K-12 have a Neat Bar setup for remote learning.