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Alvan Carr

Alvan Carr

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Grade 9 - 12

World Language


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Class Description, Content and Proficiencies

In French class we will be focusing on improving students' abilities to read, write, speak, and understand French. We will also look at French culture and compare it with our own. We will be assessing students' scholarly habits (persevering, social skills, mindset, learning strategies). These scholarly habits are the life skills that can allow students to be successful in future study and work.

Homework Calendar, Assignments and Scores

The homework calendar, class assignments and assignment scores and feedback are posted in Schoology for all classes. Parents and guardians can view these items by creating a parent account. Instructions on creating a parent account can be found HERE.

Important Class Information

Note to parents:

Welcome to French class! The ability to read, write, understand, and speak French opens up a whole new world and makes travel more interesting and fun. Throughout the years of French study, there are several opportunities for students to put their language skills to the test in Montreal and Quebec.

How to achieve a level of proficiency and beyond?

The primary means for students to achieve proficiency are to be alert, focused, and involved in daily French classes. There will also be a menu of outside opportunities to help students acquire the French language. It is very clear which students are using the outside resources to build their French abilities. The formative assessments should give students a clear understanding of their standing in pursuit of proficiency and proficiency with distinction.

Retake policy

If a student does not complete assignments or wishes to revise an assignment, they are able to request an extension or redo by following these steps

  • Complete all formative (practice) work
  • Schedule a flex time visit
  • Follow through in a timely manner

I expect all students to check in with me during flex time at least once during the first quarter. I am also available for students and parents on a daily basis. The best way to contact me is to send me an email at I am looking forward to a positive experience in French classes this year!

Van Carr