Counseling Program


The mission of the Lux Counseling Program is to assist all students in becoming effective lifelong learners, responsible citizens and productive workers who have the ability to set and achieve personal goals which lead to increased personal satisfaction. The counseling program provides a system to anticipate and facilitate the educational development, career exploration and development, and personal/social development of Lux Middle School students.

Lux Counselors

The Lux counseling program is facilitated by three school counselors. The counselors provide consistency by moving with their assigned class of students through their three years at Lux. The counseling program has well defined curriculum with three methods of delivery: classroom guidance, small group facilitation, and individual guidance. Students may access their counselor by filling out a “Student Request” form found outside counselors’ offices and in classrooms. Counselors also depend on administrators, teachers, and parents to share with them student concerns. Counselors meet with all instructional teams to which their students belong for the purpose of staying informed of students’ strengths and needs. The counselor serves as a liaison with school, home, and community to coordinate efforts for student success and achievement.

What School Programs Teach

Academic Development

Through the guidance curriculum and individual planning activities, middle school counselors guide students to be academically successful and to be prepared for high school and beyond. Students learn to:

  • Develop decision-making skills
  • Set present and future goals
  • Plan for advanced education
  • Build better study skills
  • See the relationship of academics, work, family, & community life

Career Development

Middle school counselors deliver a variety of career awareness activities. For example, students begin to complete a secondary school Career/Education Planning Portfolio. Students explore

  • Opportunities in a variety of careers
  • Career goals
  • The relationship of personal qualities, education, training & work

Personal & Social Development

Addressing the challenges of middle school and beyond, counselors work with students, families, and communities on issues of a personal/social nature. Students develop skills to

  • Respect self & others
  • Manage anger
  • Resolve conflict
  • Build interpersonal skills
  • Develop problem-solving skills
  • Maintain friendships
  • Request adult assistance with serious concerns

How to contact your Lux Middle School Counselor

Amy Gaston | 402-436-1220 |

Amy Lipins | 436- 1220 |

Jamie Kreikemeier | 436-1220 |