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Students Exploring Skills for Their Future Careers & Life

Mission of the Hatchery - Maker Space

Options Secondary Program has developed a place for students to explore and expand on a variety of real life hands on experiences in a creative environment to acquire skills, techniques, and innovative thinking for their future in coordination with the Binning Family Foundation.

Lead Teacher: Brett Boyles

Geometry in construction explorations. Building design and applications and learning basic woodworking skills.

Lead Teacher: Anna Spillen

Students explore the Creative Process by designing and creating original jewelry through sculpture, 3D scanning, 3D printing & design programs (Tinkercad).

Lead Teacher: Leah Crews

Students explore the basics in robotics, construction technology, design & Tinkercad.

Students explore printmaking techniques and access the laser engraver machine.

Instructional Guides

3D Scanning Instructions (2/3/21)

How to Use the EXScan Machine

Prusa Instructions (3/16/21)

How to Use Change the Filament Color and Start the Prusa 3D Printer

Prusa Slicer Instructions (3/20/21)

How to use the Prusa Slicer Software

YouTube & Other Videos


Robotics Battle


Please email the Lead Teacher for more information on individual courses.
Steven Newell
steven@binningfoundation.org is the Design Guru & Head of the Hatchery
in conjunction with the Binning Family Foundation.