Lake Pend Oreille School District Operational Plan 2023-2024

Parent/Community Input Received and Reviewed - No Significant Updates to the Operations Plan - 3.29.2024

For open communication to families about the upcoming school year, we have put together this Operations Plan website to clearly communicate what you can expect for the coming school year.  

LPOSD will review the Operation Plan approximately every 6 months through January 2025.  This plan was developed with meaningful stakeholder input and we will continue to gather input periodically.


CDC Link 


Food Service

Teaching & Learning

Student Wellbeing 

Student’s social, emotional, behavioral, mental health, and other needs:

Staff’s social, emotional, mental health, and other needs:

COVID Guidelines

Diagnostic and Screening testing will be the responsibility of individual families.  We recommend organizations such as Kaniksu Health Services or Panhandle Health District .

LPOSD's infectious and contagious disease policy link (3520)

** Any changes to our plan will be communicated through LPOSD's website and direct communication to families.  Operational Plan is subject to change.