FS Art with AcaDeca

Farmin Stidwell Art Room - A year of sharing some African art ideas

with the AcaDeca team from Sandpoint High School.

Captured images of Lydenburg Heads - our version of clay puppet heads, with fabric bodies and costuming added. The idea of creating these into puppets, students will figure out a performance retelling an African story or proverb. More image updates later into the school year.

Igbo Bowls were made of metal, but we used clay. A flat roundish piece was formed, then repeated patterns were pressed around the shape making it very decorative outside of the bowl. The flat round shape was gently pressed into a burlap lined bowl giving it shape, some more ruffled than others. Glazed with shiny black glaze on the outside and a lighter color for the inside makes this a very striking usable bowl.

African Carving

The AcaDeca Team presented for 4 classes with the age group spanning 3rd grade through 5th grade.