Physical Education Department


Jeff Henrikson, Curriculum Leader

Brian Rupp, Danielson Leader

Tara Bandemer, Health and Wellness Teacher East and West Campus

Tom Bergen, PE Teacher West Campus

Erin Browski, PE and Dance Teacher West Campus

James Chellson, Driver Education Teacher East Campus

Stacy Chojnacki, Health and PE Teacher East Campus

Ralph Duke, Driver Education Coordinator East Campus

Tracy Fink, PE Teacher and Fitness Aide East Campus

Ben Hussey, PE Teacher East Campus

Jen Johnson, PE Teacher West Campus

Kevin Johnson, PE Teacher West Campus

Dave Mikes, PE Teacher West Campus

Lance Murphy, PE Teacher East Campus

Cathy Patzner, Health and PE Teacher East Campus

Elliot Velez, Fitness Aide West Campus

Dan Witteveen, PE Teacher West Campus

East Campus Courses

PE 9

PE 10

Driver Education


West Campus Courses

Adventure Education

Introduction to Dance

Advance Dance

Early Bird PE

Net and Racket

Team Activities


Off Campus PE



Strength and Conditioning