Scrible can:

  1. Annotate webpages, PDFs, and database articles in your browser.

  2. Make comments directly on webpages.

  3. Share annotated items with others.

  4. Create Works Cited as research happens.

  5. Import Works Cited into Google Docs.

List of Features (EDU Plan)

Join, Add, and Log in to Scrible

  1. Join and Create a Scrible User Account

Step 1: Enter your basic information.

Step 2: Sign up using your LP Google Credentials as your login.

Ta da! Now you have access to your Scrible Library. Be sure to tag your articles with a common tag to easily group them up by project.

2. Add the Google Chrome Scrible Toolbar Extension

After you add the extension to Chrome, be sure to pin it to your toolbar at the top of the screen by clicking the extensions puzzle piece, then the pin next to "Scrible Toolbar."

3. Add the Google Docs/Drive Scrible Writer Add-On

To use the add-on in Google Docs:

  1. Open a Google Doc.

  2. Click the "Add-Ons" tab.

  3. Select "Scrible Writer," then "Start."

  4. Sign in to your Scrible account.

Please note: it will take a few minutes (and maybe a few refreshes) after logging in to the add-on for the library to sync.

Annotate, Highlight, and Organize

Using the Scrible Toolbar Extension

Scrible Toolbars can be used in:

  • Database articles

  • Webpages

  • PDFs

Using the Scrible Writer Add-On to Create Works Cited

  1. Search for the tag you used for your research. Click on it. Then click the magnifying glass in the lower-right corner.

2. Click sources. Then click the (+) for any sources you want to include in your Works Cited. Click on "Bibliography" and you can copy/paste your Works Cited into your Google Doc.