Libertarian Party of Dane County

LP Dane next business meeting Monday 6PM August 22 at the UW Rathskeller. Standing agenda will be used.

Old business;

  • LPWI State election coverage.

  • Farmers Market Saturdays,

  • Great Midwest Marijuana Harvest Festival October 1 & 2 live music and out reach.

New business?

Contact for detailed agenda or call Chris Nass at 608 2 1 2 - 0 2 5 8

Become a dues paying member today by clicking below! Only $5 per month or $60 per year.

Madison Farmers market is a great place to educate the public about the Libertarian Party. Contact me if you can help run the booth.

We have a permit for every Saturday until mid-November at the bottom of the State Street Steps. Stop on by anytime.

Next LP Dane social gathering is 4PM to 6PM Wednesday August 17th at UW Rathskeller or outside on Terrace patio if weather is nice.