Questions and Answers

What is a school counselor?

A school counselor is a school staff member who works as an advocate for all students. The counselor assists students with academic, career, and social/emotional development. A school counselor does not do therapy but will give students academic support, provide information on understanding self and others, and assist with communication and problem-solving skills. A school counselor works with all students, teachers, parents, and the community. Counselors work with students individually, in small groups and in classrooms.

What are some reasons a student might want to see the counselor:

-To share good news

- To improve academic success

- To find answers to questions about school

- To develop goals

- To discuss about fears or worries

- To increase self-esteem

- To learn more about careers, college and/or the future

- To handle life-changing events (divorce, death, moving, etc.)

- To receive assistance managing behavior or emotions

- To talk about friend/peer issues

- To have someone to talk to when they don't know where to turn

What are the topics of classroom guidance lessons?

A calendar of guidance lessons will be available soon.

How to schedule parent-teacher conferences?

Parents or legal guardians may contact their child's counselor to schedule a conference.

Students with Last Names Starting With A - K – Mrs. Tiffany Clemons

Students with Last Names Starting With L - Z – Mr. Ryan Dixon

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When are parent-teacher conferences held?

Conferences are typically held on during the teachers' planning periods on Mondays and Wednesdays.

How can I meet with my child's counselor?

Please call ahead to schedule a time for a meeting. Counselors are often involved in classroom guidance lessons, groups, meetings, or individual sessions and may not be available to meet with parents/guardians that come to the school without an appointment.

Also, please feel free to call or email with any questions you may have, and the counselors will work to answer your questions as soon as possible.