Mrs. Harris' Life Skills Class

The focus of the Life Skills program in my classroom is to teach functional skills in academics, daily living and community participation for students at their individual ability levels.

Instructional lessons in the classroom will be rigorous and reflect appropriate grade-level adapted curriculum. The students will be actively engaged in learning throughout the school day and I will collect data on each student’s progress. The data will be used to plan lessons, to create the next IEP, and to determine the progress of the students’ goals. The classroom activities will be functional and will change to meet the needs of the student. Classroom instruction will include individual, small group and whole group instruction.

The students in my classroom know that it is okay to make mistakes. That is how we learn, however, it is not okay to give up and not try their best. Most importantly the students will know that they are cared for and that they matter.

Working hard and playing hard

About me

I am Kim Harris and I absolutely love teaching my students. I feel that teaching is my calling, and this is my 6th year teaching Special Education. I am married with 2 amazing children. When I am not in school, I love taking trips to the beach with my family.


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