11 Steps to Archery Success

My goal as an Archery coach is:

  • to instill qualities within your child that she/he can use throughout her/his lifetime.

  • develop expert Archers

  • to promote teamwork

  • and of course, to have fun within a safe environment

The NASP Archery program begins every school year in August and runs until May. Archery Coaches Earp, Gormany, and Rihm will have packets available during Open House each school year. We accept them until the end of September. Then, we begin to train and compete. Our goal is to take Regional, State, and National Titles. We love what we do and hope your archer loves archery too. We look forward to working with your archer and you, the parents. See you at the tournaments! Thank you.

Parents and "The Senior" students of the 2019-2020 season,

As you go on to high school, know we (Coaches Earp, Hand, and Rihm) will miss you and look forward to seeing you again during Friday night lights (football games), at future Archery tournaments, and/or during your Senior Walk when you return to LMS to walk the halls in congratulatory cheer! We LOVED teaching you archery. We hope you continue with it, as it can lead to college scholarships.

We were saddened when school closed (COVID-19) for the rest of our season and cancelled our plans for a parent/archer competition. When we schedule another competition next year, we will invite you. Please feel free to visit our practices (and be prepared to show off your skills to the newbies too)! Take care. God bless. Go forth and prosper! Coach Earp, Coach Hand, and Coach Rihm