LMS Ambassadors

Who are we?

The mission of LMS Ambassadors is to be the change by helping others in need within our school and community. Our Ambassador's are nominated from their homeroom teachers each year. Our Ambassador's take on duties such as welcoming visitors and new students, educating others about Lowndes Middle School, assisting with our Veteran's Day program, and service projects within the school or for the community.

History and Purpose

Our club is evolving tremendously. The LMS Ambassador club was formerly known as the Meeter's and Greeter's. The 2019-2020 school year, the students decided to rename the club to LMS Ambassador's. The students wanted to extend their services to serve Lowndes Middle School and their community. Their first project consisted of a medical supply drive to Puerto Rico.

For our project for the 2020-2021 school year, we were able to send out 50 shoeboxes full of "goodies" such as hygiene products, playing cards, candy, coffee, and note cards to our military men and women overseas. We partnered with Moody Airforce Base to make this project successful! Our men and women thoroughly enjoyed this holiday surprise!!

Our students are considered responsible servants and leaders of LMS. They are the first ones to be called on to escort new students or visitors. They escort our military men and women during annual Veteran's Day program. They also educate our exchange students on the history, clubs, and culture of LMS. The club continues to grow and serve LMS and the community.