Counselor's Corner

Mrs. LeFiles

Dewar Elementary School

Social and Emotional Learning at Home

(Resources you can use during our School Closure)

Please do not hesitate to contact me via email, if you have any questions or concerns. We are in this together, and I am here to help you!

Letter from Mrs. LeFiles.pdf

Letter from Mrs. LeFiles

Coronavirus Social Story.pdf

Coronavirus Social Story - For Kids!

Coronavirus Handout - Counselor Keri.pdf

Coronavirus Handout - Counselor Keri - For Kids!

Second Steps is a Social Emotional Curriculum taught by school counselors to help students gain life skills by promoting social and emotional competence and self regulation in environments beyond the school. The company has released many videos, activities and resources for use at home during the time of school closure. Your students are very familiar with this program as it is used in our monthly classroom counseling lessons.

Second Step Resources

Second Steps at Home

Free School Counseling lessons Online!

Below are some fun activities that you can complete with your kids as a family. Inside each presentation are several videos, activities and discussion questions that promote emotion regulation and other social emotional skills for our children. None of these are required, they are only meant to support our students and you, their family. Have fun learning together!

Pre-K through 2nd Grade Activities

SEL at Home K-2

10 Social Emotional Activities for Pre-K - 2nd Grade

Copy of SEL at Home K-2

10 more days of Social Emotional Activities Pre-K-2nd

Character Tree Resources: Parents can sign up for a free account to view videos and download lessons. Younger kids LOVE these lessons!

3rd through 5th Grade Activities

SEL at Home 3-5

10 Social Emotional Activities for 3rd - 5th grades

Copy of SEL at Home 3-5

10 more days of Social Emotional Activities 3rd-5th grades