Hahira Middle Media Center

Virtual Learning
Copy of HMS Connecting to the Digital Library

Media Center Goals/Plan:

GOAL 1: To provide intellectual and physical access to information and ideas for a diverse population whose needs are changing rapidly.

  • Select literature and other resources which reflect changes in the social and economic makeup of American society, as well as provide students with insight into other countries and cultures.

  • Maintain an integrated curriculum which focuses on interdisciplinary higher-order thinking skills. (ordering higher lexile books)

  • Actively promote new and existing information and instructional resources and technologies. (New Book displays)

GOAL 2: To ensure equity and freedom of access to information and ideas, unimpeded by social, cultural, economic, geographic, or technologic constraints.


  • Implement collection development policies, as well as program and access policies, which ensure students’ intellectual freedom and free access to material. (LCS Handbook)

  • Adhere to and promote the legal and ethical use of copyrighted materials, while at the same time providing access to information.(In HMS folder)

GOAL 3: To promote literacy and the enjoyment of reading, viewing, and listening for young people at all ages and stages of development.


  • Encourage a wide variety of reading experiences through a collection which reflects the experiences and interests of students of different levels and, in turn, challenges them with new material. (Student Intrest Form)

  • Provide a cheerful, welcoming, and easily accessible environment which invites students to use the media center.

  • Promote and conduct contests that encourage a love of literacy. (several contests throughout the year)

GOAL 4: To provide leadership and expertise in the use of information and instructional technologies.


  • Obtain the initial training and continuous professional development necessary to take full advantage of existing and emerging information and instructional technologies.

  • Attend GAETC conference.

  • Attend professional learning events that are focused on media centers.

  • Teach credible resources to our students during classes.

GOAL 5: To participate in networks that enhance access to resources located outside the school.


  • Facilitate resource sharing between schools and other institutions through interlibrary loan and online catalogs when available. (borrowing from other LCS Schools)

  • Furnish access to the Internet and adopt appropriate use policies.