Welcome to Speech!

I am so happy to have your child as my student this year. My educational history is as follows:

-B.S.Ed. in Communication Sciences and Disorders from The University of Georgia;

-M.Ed. in Communication Disorders from Georgia State University;

-Ed.D. with a concentration in Speech-Language Pathology from Nova Southeastern University.

I love helping students improve their communication skills. I am always available to help with any questions or concerns you might have about your child's speech and language skills.

I'm located in room B-112 at Westside Elementary School.

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Home practice/homework:

I send home extra practice occasionally to help reinforce specific skills.

Please review any worksheet/task with your child.

Feel free to keep any papers at home for extra review.

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Speech/Language Impairment

Speech or language impairment refers to a communication disorder, such as stuttering, impaired articulation, language or voice impairment that adversely affects a child’s educational performance. A speech or language impairment may be congenital or acquired. It refers to impairments in the areas of articulation, fluency, voice or language. Individuals may demonstrate one or any combination of speech or language impairments. A speech or language impairment may be a primary disability or it may be secondary to other disabilities. [34 C.F.R. § 300.8(c)(11)]

Georgia Dept. of Education Definition

Please visit the following link for more information regarding speech and language:


Feel free to contact me at haleyharvell@lowndes.k12.ga.us anytime. I am also available by phone at WES 229-245-2289.