Mrs. Olmstead

{6th & 8th Grade Core -- Reading & Language Arts}

@ Oak Middle School


Happy New School Year! I'm looking forward to an amazing year with students and families. I get the best of both worlds this year-- welcoming new sixth graders and teaching them the ropes of middle school AND preparing 8th graders for success as they finish their journey at Oak and prepare for their transition to the high school. I can't wait to meet everyone. Please feel free to contact me with any questions you might have!

--Mrs. Olmstead

Contact Information

Mrs. Kristine Olmstead

Phone: 562-799-4740 Ext. 76208


(Email is the quickest way to reach me.)


Period 1: Lang. Arts - 6 (Core 1)

Period 2: Reading - 6 (Core 1)

Period 3: Lang. Arts - 6H (Core 2)

Period 4: Reading - 6H (Core 2)

Period 5: Prep Period

Period 6: Lang. Arts - 8H (Core 3)

Period 7: Reading - 8H (Core 3)