Daily Agendas

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Current Work

Past Work

The Agenda will give you FULL details of everything we did in class. If we used papers, presentations, or websites, it will ALL be listed and linked for you.
The goal is that the agenda will give an absent student all the details they need to stay current with the class and to be responsible for their work.
Agendas will be updated each day by 4pm at the latest with work from that day. I'll post earlier when possible.

If absent, remember...

      • Check the Daily Agenda to find out what we did.
      • You're responsible for making up everything we did, including the Warm-Up.
      • If we did something in class that can't be done at home, I'll explain in the Agenda what you need to do to get credit for the day(s) you missed.
      • You have the same number of days you were absent to make up the work for FULL credit.
          • After that time is up, the work is graded at late credit (70% max).
          • Please email me (kmoushon@losal.org) if you have special circumstances.

So, you checked the Agenda, but you're not sure you know what you need to do?

      • Email me (kmoushon@losal.org) the questions you have about the work listed in the Agenda.
      • Stop by the classroom in the morning and let's chat. I'm here each morning at 7:30.