Yearbook Photos

  • Yearbook would like to take pictures of each club and all its members

  • This is NOT mandatory and up to club presidents to decide

  • IF interested you must fill out a google form created by the yearbook team:

  • The form must be completed by January 21, 2022

    • Times/orders for Club Pictures will be sent out and based this google form

Club pictures will be taken in early February (more specific dates to come)

How to register your club:

Please fill out this Form for First-Semester Clubs

Returning Clubs:

    • Unless your advisor has changed, you do not need a new constitution.

New Clubs:

    • You MUST create a club constitution and submit a copy with the club application.

Club Constitution

  • Sample and template are in the Club Application Form.

  • A teacher advisor is REQUIRED.

  • Digitally sign the Club President signature by typing in your name on that line.

Club Rush

Club Rush is on Thursday 9/7 - Friday 9/10

  • Fill out the Club Rush Form in order to participate in Club Rush Week (part of the club application form).

    • Form available (8/25-9/1)

  • Prepare to share information about your club to attract students to join.

  • MUST include Club Remind app information so members can join and reach out to you.

  • MUST PARTICIPATE in Club Rush in order to be a recognized club on campus.

Community Service

  • Your club MUST have a community service component to it.

  • Your club will need to complete monthly community service surveys on the LAHS website.

  • 3-strike policy! Each failed submission earns a strike. After 3 strikes, your club is removed from the school roster.

Important Dates

COVID Protocols

In response to our current COVID protocols, guest speakers must follow our district protocols for campus volunteers!

Here is the link to an updated request form to highlight the protocols.

Any previously-submitted request forms are okay; however, moving forward, please use the form provided:


For Club Presidents and Vice Presidents to be kept up to date on all Club information:

Text @losalclu to 81010

Club Commissioner's Contact Info

If you have any questions feel free to contact us and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

Kaylin Hurley-

Kylie Goldman-

Mona Taylor-

Sarah Young-