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Losal Art Courses

3-D Design

Room 650 Teacher: kferrell@losal.org

Projects in this class will focus on exploring a variety of jewelry making and sculptural construction techniques.  Some of the materials include metals, paper, plaster, wood, wax, found objects, resin, and stone.

class website: www.lahs3-ddesign.weebly.com 


Room 652 Teacher: jcarthew@losal.org

Projects in this class will focus on building functional pottery as well as expressive sculptural work.

Techniques include hand-building, throwing on the potter's wheel, high-fire glazing, clay textural stamping, clay sculpting, and more.

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Digital Art

Room 758 Teacher: elong@losal.org

Projects in this class focus on the use of computer software to create and enhance art designs.

We utilize software like Photoshop, Illustrator, and iMovie, and tools like Mac computers, drawing tablets & styluses, to cover topics like photo-manipulation, digital painting, graphic design, typography, animation and more.

class website: https://sites.google.com/view/mr-longs-art-class/digital-art 

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Drawing & Painting

Room 651 & 622 Teachers: mmaher@losal.org     and     dcrutchfield@losal.org

Projects in this class focus on using drawing and painting techniques to create artwork.

We explore a variety of new materials every semester including: graphite/pencil, pen and ink, acrylic paint on canvas, tempera paint, watercolor, monoprint processes, collage, charcoal, colored pencil, and more!

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Room 753 Teacher: ckakalia@losal.org

Projects in this class will focus on the variety of ways one can make art using photographs.

Students learn how to use a Digital SLR camera and post production editing programs such as Adobe Lightroom to create photos as works of art and explore creative expression.

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Print Making 

Room 621 Teacher: kferrell@losal.org

Projects in this class will focus on exploring traditional and experimental ways to create reproducible designs.

Students will use a variety of materials ranging from silk screening, linoleum & wood-block carving, stamping, cardboard, metal, stencils, and other transfer techniques.

class website: www.lahsprintmaking.weebly.com 

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