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Texas and American History Classes

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Phone Number: 254-857-4621

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Time Available Mon&Wed 1:30-2:00

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Daily Schedule:

M/W - T/TH

7th Ath : Tx Hist

Tx Hist : Tx Hist



AmHist: 8th Ath

Friday schedule:

classes in order

1A, 2A, 3A, 4A, 3B, Lunch, 1B, 2B, 4B

1A:1B 7:55-9:25

2A:2B 9:25-10:55

C 10:55-12:40

3A:B 12:40-2:10

4A:4B 2:15-3:40

Friday times:

Periods are 45 minutes; Lunch is 30 minutes. 7:50 am-3:40 pm


Mon 8/17—Introduction 7th/8th

Tue 8/18-- Introduction 7th/8th

Wed 8/19–7th-Hist/Geo/Eras. 8th-Eras

Thu 8/20–7th-Hist/Geo/Eras

Fri 8/21–7th-Texas Eras/Regions. 8th-Early Exploration


Mon 8/24–7th-culture groups 8th-New Spain

Tue 8/25–7th-culture groups

Wed 8/26–7th-Early Cultures 8th-Jamestown/Pilgrims/New England

Thu 8/27–7th-Early Cultures

Fri 8/28–7th Review. 8th-Middle Colonies


Mon 8/31-7th-UNIT ONE NATURAL TEXAS TEST 8th-New Spain


Wed 9/2–7th-review Test/Age of Contact 8th-1st Great Awakening/Mercantilism

Thu 9/3--7th-review Test/Age of Contact

Fri 9/4–7th-Spanish Explorers 8th-Review for Test



Welcome to Texas and American History. I am excited you are involved in our class. It is my hope that through our study: you will become a better thinker, more knowledgeable, and more patriotic towards your state and country.

I'm a 6th generation Texan (kinfolk came to Texas in 1845) and a proud graduate of Texas A&M University. This is my 27th year at Lorena. I have enjoyed teaching and working with the students, parents, and faculty.

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To join my Remind text: 81010 with the message @coachhava for 8th grade; @coachhavar for 7th grade