Coach Havard's

American History Class

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Phone Number: 254-857-4621

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Daily Schedule:

1st Period: 7th Athletics 7:55-8:40

2nd Period: Conference 8:45-9:30

3rd Period: Am.History 9:35-10:20

L2 10:25-10:55

4th Period: Am.History 11:00-11:45

Tutorials 11:50-12:25

Lunch 12:30-12:55

5th Period: Am. History 1:00-1:45

6th Period: Am. History 1:50-2:35

7th Period: 8th Athletics 2:40-3:25


Thu 8/15--Introduction to Course

Fri 8/16-- Read/discuss pages 13-18


Mon 8/19--8.10a,b; 8.11a,c U.S. Physical Map

Tue 8/20-- 8.1b; 8.2a; 8.10a 2.1/2.2 notes;

Wed 8/21--8.1b; 8.2a; 8.10a 3.1 & 3.2 Notes

Thu 8/22--8.2a; 8.10a; 8.11a read/discuss pgs 92-100: 3.3 & 3.4 Notes MTT Chap 5 for HOMEWORK

Fri 8/23--8.1b,c; 8.2a,b; 8.10b; 8.11a; 8.23c pgs 104-111 History Frame Early Exploration (Begin in class; finish as HOMEWORK)


Mon 8/26--8.1b,c; 8.2a,b; 8.10b; 8.11a; 8.23c Read/discuss pgs 111-113 Jamestown Video

Tue 8/27--8.1c; 8.2b; 8.11c; 8.23a MTT 5B Activity (to be done in class)

Wed 8/28--8.2b; 8.3b; 8.11c; 8.23a,c,d; 8.25a,b 4.2 Notes

Thu 8/29--8.2b; 8.11c; 8.20a; 8.23a; 8.25a 4.3 & 4.4 Notes

Fri 8/30--8.2b; 8.11c; 8.20a; 8.23a; 8.25a Colonies Activity; MTT 6A for HOMEWORK


Mon 9/2--Labor Day


Wed 9/4--8.3a; 8.4a; 8.10a; 8.11a; 8.12a,d; 8.14a,b; 8.23e; 8.29b Pages 134-141

Thu 9/5--8.7c; 8.4a; 8.10b; 8.11a; 8.12a,d; 8.23a,d MTT 6 Activity (to be done in class)

Fri 9/6--8.7b; 8.10a,b; 8.11a; 8.12a,d; 8.23a,d 5.1 Notes



Welcome to American History I am excited you are involved in our class. It is my hope that through our study: you will become a better thinker, more knowledgeable, and more patriotic towards your country.

I'm a 6th generation Texan (kinfolk came to Texas in 1845) and a proud graduate of Texas A&M Univerity. This is my 26th year at Lorena. I have enjoyed teaching and working with the students, parents, and faculty. Lorena is a great place!

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