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Phone Number: 254-857-8909

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Twitter Handle: @jennysykora65

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About Me

I am a Kindergarten teacher at Lorena Primary. I have taught Kindergarten for 13 years. I have two children, Colton, 11 and Lexie, 9. I enjoy photography, crafts and reading.

Class Schedule

Daily Schedule:7:40 Pick Students up from Gym(Friday Assembly in Gym) 7:45-8:00 Unpack/lunch count/Calendar/Math Board8:00-8:20 JCS8:20-8:30 Restroom8:30-8:55 GAP (Monday-Thursday)8:55-9:15 JCS (Snack at 9:00) **Friday: 9-9:30 STEM lab/Makerspace9:15-10:00 Daily 5Tues/Thurs: ISTATION 9:30-10:0010:05-11:05 Specials/Conference11:10-11:40 Math11:45-11:50 Restroom/cleanup for lunch11:50-12:25 Lunch12:10-12:25 lunch recess12:25-1:05 Science/SS1:05-1:40 Rest time1:40-2:00 Read Aloud2:00-2:30 Recess2:30-3:10 Center Rotations (15 min a piece)3:10-3:15 Pack up/get ready for dismissal3:15-3:20 Dismissal