Donnie Snodgrass

Social Studies / Athletics

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Phone Number: 254-495-4192

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1st Period- Athletics

2nd Period- World Geography

3rd Period- World Geography

4th Period- World History

5th Period- Varsity Athletics

6th Period-Conference

7th Period- World History

8th Period- World History

Upcoming Lessons

Lessons for Apr. 22-26, 2019

World History:

Monday- Complete info on the Industrial Revolution.

Tuesday - Begin info on turn of the century changes, Inventions and people who have influenced our lives today

Wednesday - Work forward with new inventions, trend setters, and new "modern conveniences".

Thursday - Quiz over info covered and transition into our part in WWI.

Friday- Video and reading info for WWI.

World Geography:

Monday- Equitorial Africa info on poaching and the industry of "Bushmeat".

Tuesday- Begin info on South Africa with a look at the influential landscapes of the area.

Wednesday - Continue South African info with waterways and climate information before a look at Biome influence.

Thursday- Begin to look at the history of South Africa and its many contoversial people and events.

Friday- Research work on Nelson Mandela.