Welcome to Grade 5 ELA

Welcome to Mrs. Raniszewski's Grade 5 ELA page for the 2018-2019 school year!

Contact Information:

908-213-2995 ext. 1505

Materials needed for ELA:

  • 1 -inch binder
  • 2-pocket folder
  • Pencil case with pens and pencils
  • Agenda book
  • a book (or 2) to read at all times

Grading Policy

  • All grades are based on a weight system
  • Tests
    • Students are given 1 week notice for upcoming tests
    • Students should use what is provided in class and kept in binder to review for test
  • Quizzes
    • Students are given 1 to 2 days notice for upcoming quizzes
  • Spelling and Grammar
    • Assigned on a weekly basis
  • Journals
    • Assignments will be complete via Google Classroom
  • Writing Pieces
    • Assigned and Choice pieces given
  • Book Reports
    • One per marking period
  • Projects
    • Completed both at home and at school
  • Homework/Classwork
    • Work may or may not be graded
    • 10 points deducted for each day assignment is late