Science Classroom Rules

  1. All rules are to be followed at all times:
    • Respect other people and their property.
    • Take pride in yourself, your work, and your environment.
    • Laugh with others, but at no one.
    • Listen to others and respect their right to be heard.

2. Late work will not be accepted for credit.

3. Make up work will be accepted for participation credit only. All make up work must be handed in no later than 10 school days before the end of the quarter.

4. No credit will be given for incomplete homework. Incomplete homework includes:

    • Failure to complete all questions or aspects of homework
    • Answers not written grammatically correct and/or in complete sentences

5. Typed homework is accepted.

6. Students should have a supply of pens, #2 pencils, a box of colored pencils and calculator in class

7. Classroom safety:

    • Student warning
    • Student will watch activity and record data
    • Student will receive no credit for laboratory activity

8. During a test or quiz there is NO TALKING OR ANY OTHER FORM OF COMMUNICATION. Communication during a test or quiz, while you still have your paper will be graded as a zero.

Homework Reminder

Register with for homework assignments to be texted directly to your phone:

8th grade students and parents:

simply text @Firenze to the phone number (631)721-9845

or click the following link

Online Textbook

Click on the following link to access your online textbook or ebook:

Username: s(student ID#)

Password: s(student ID#)