Let's Make Some Magic!

Let's make some magic!

Look below for weekly updates, activities and events happening in our classroom, school and district.

Links for Home Learning

I will send out 2 activities daily, here are all of the resources I have put together

3s Packet


Activities to do at home


Songs to Sing at home


Stories to Read at home


Videos and Websites


To View Pictures and videos from our Classroom Activities please click the link to our Google Album


Upcoming School/Class Announcements:

  • Hopefully we can see each other soon!
  • Zoom Lessons: Tuesdays & Thursday at 10:00am
                • Wednesdays @ 2:30 or 5:30
                • See ClassTag for the link
  • Progress Reports will be sent via Parent Portal June 5
  • Parent Conference by request only- June 8-10
  • Last day of instruction is June 10

This week's "Magical Friend"


Magical Mickey & his

"MAgical FriendS"

Our Super Friend is determined weekly by the children earning points throughout the week when they are spotted being a "magical" friend. When a child is a "magical" friend to another child or a teacher they are asked to get a "Magical" Friend chip. Friday morning we look at our "Magical" Friend graph to determine who has the most chips and is the Magical Friend of the week.

The weekly Magical Friend gets to wear the "Magical Friend" cape for the day and we write about what the child did that was Magically Friendly. Our Magical Friend brings our mascot Magical Mickey Mouse home for the weekend and parents can write about what exciting things they did on the weekend and add pictures to our book!

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Boxtops for Education helps our PTO earn money to use for activities and materials for our students. Monthly coloring papers with a $1 donation and various other fundraising activities and events will be scheduled throughout the school year.

Attendance Incentives: "WE ARE ALL HERE"

Each day we have 100% attendance in class we color in a letter to this phrase, when it is complete we get a class treat. Letters to go home as the announcement.

Morris Ave is Future Ready!

Click the link to check out our school's video application to be a NJ Future Ready School

We Attained a Bronze certification

2018 Application Video:


2019 Application Video: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1d1XOy8OzUO4T7EnszuBSHrif4QMWjbII/view?fbclid=IwAR1vRZG9C6CE7c2DLwfQQDypNwyBUXditLEP6lnVNwq1qizPnxGZwVdcpgw

Helpful Links:

  • Fine Motor Development to help with Writing Skills: Here is a website packed full of fine motor activities that will strengthen your child's dinger and wrist muscles to help them get ready for kindergarten. Remember, every child develops their motor skills at a different pace, it is perfectly age appropriate for our 4 years olds to scribble pictures and write illegible letters up until they are 7 years old. https://www.prekinders.com/fine-motor-skills/
  • Starfall: A Preschool-Kindergarten website filled with games, songs and activities your child will love to play while learning. http://www.starfall.com/
  • PBS Kids: This website provides educational games and videos for preschool aged children. http://pbskids.org/
  • Getting Ready to Read: Early Literacy Games, Webinars, Resources and Tips for Parents http://www.getreadytoread.org/
  • Technical Assistance Center on Social Emotional Development: This site make available to you strategies for Social and Emotional Development and helps you to implement them at home. http://www.challengingbehavior.org/
  • Vanderbilt Social and Emotional Resource: This site allows you to look up tools and strategies to help your child's social and emotional development. http://csefel.vanderbilt.edu/
  • New Jersey Preschool Learning Outcomes and Teaching Strategies: This site shows the alignment between the New Jersey Preschool Learning Standards and the observation tool we use to track your child's progress. NJ Standards
  • AlphaBlocks: These Youtube videos will help introduce letter sounds, both simple and complex https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fu5fzbxOG4U&t=916s
  • State of New Jersey: Parent Link Page http://www.njparentlink.nj.gov/
  • Social Skills Page: with activities for behavioral regulation and guidance http://www.do2learn.com/
  • Bilingual Site for English Language Learners: http://www.colorincolorado.org/
  • Baby Center: Milestones and normal development in pregnancy through preschool and beyond. www.babycenter.com
  • Kid's Soup: activities, crafts, worksheets for Monthly themes based on character education http://twigglemagazine.com/
  • Kidsparkz: activities, crafts, worksheets for Monthly themes http://www.kidsparkz.com