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LASCC Vision: Every student able to achieve life goals.

LASCC Mission: Provide high quality programs and certifications that build the workplace, academic and life skills leading to student success and expanded opportunity.

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Schoolwide Learner Outcomes (SLOs) (click to see goals)

School Wide Learner Outcomes are present throughout our school’s courses and align to the school’s mission in providing high-quality programming that expands opportunities and changes lives.

Critical Thinkers Students will demonstrate the skills of Critical Thinking by: ● Exhibiting intellectual courage, self-advocating, and persevering when challenged; ● Acquiring and exhibiting active problem-solving skills; ● Analyzing and applying new information to real-life situations.

Effective Communicators Students will Communicate Effectively by: ● Using effective listening and comprehension skills and applying them in interactions with others in an appropriate and responsible manner; ● Utilizing appropriate verbal, nonverbal, and/or technology to acquire and clearly communicate needed information.

Lifelong Learners Students will demonstrate Lifelong Learning by: ● Demonstrating continual growth through self-direction, motivation, and discipline; ● Developing confidence by achieving personal and professional goals that benefit family and community.

Productive Citizens Students will be Productive Citizens and Contributing Community Members: ● Developing awareness of and ability to explore aspects and strengths of identity and culture; ● Accessing community and government resources; ● Working and participating cooperatively in community and civic activities.

ZOOM Daily Meeting

Our class will have a Reading Hour from 8:30 - 9:30 am every morning, then our daily meeting on ZOOM starting at 9:30 am every morning. We will have a lesson, then I will be available until 12:30 every morning. Please join our ZOOM meeting daily.

If you are not already using ZOOM, you can download the app here:

Check the weekly lesson page for the link and meeting ID.

Each week, please work on:

1. Burlington English: We are using the on-line version at burlingtonenglish.com. Log in and choose the Low Intermediate level in Courses. This program is also available through a downloadable app.

2. Paragraph Editing: There is one paragraph for each day of the week for Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday.

It is OK if you do not get the exact editing marks, just as long as you know what to capitalize, punctuation, quotations, etc. Remember that editing rules are in the back of the book.

3. Read Naturally: Follow along reading the story while listening - at least twice. Read out loud at least five (5) times. The goal is to get familiar with the words, how to pronounce them and be able to read them quickly by sight.

4. Rosetta Stone: Use the same username and password that you use for Burlington English to log in. You can click on bit.ly/LRoseStone or use the direct link. This program is also available through a downloadable app.

5. Flow Reading Fluency: You can click on flowfluency.com or use the direct link. This program does not have a downloadable app.

Please note: I will post answers to all work at the end of the week.

Please scan or take a picture of your finished work. You can: email it to me at okonina.dove@lusd.org - or - attach to a text message to (805) 694-8112 for correcting.