Mrs. Hinsdale's Library Page

About Me...

Hi! I'm Mrs. Hinsdale, the K-12 Teacher-Librarian. I've been a teacher-librarian for 27 years. I'm starting my 22nd year at Logan-Magnolia. I was previously the teacher-librarian for Harris-Lake Park schools and for Clarke Community schools. I love being at Logan-Magnolia and being a Panther!

Along with being the K-12 Teacher-Librarian, I teach two high school classes: Multimedia and Web Page Design. I also put together the Lo-Ma Leader bi-monthly and update the school website.

Contact Information

Phone: 644-2250

How to Make a Reservation on our Alexandria Library System

How to Reserve a Library Book (Revised).webm

About Library Books

When library books are returned, they will be quarantined for 72 hours. We will check them out to specific code so we know when they are available.

•Books returned on Monday will be available for checkout on Thursday.

•Books returned on Tuesday will be available for checkout on Friday.

•Books returned on Wednesday and Thursday will be available the following Monday.

•Books returned on Friday will be available on the following Tuesday.

About Elementary Library...

Due to Covid-19, elementary student will not be allowed to come down to library to checkout books. I have set up a reservation system through our library checkout software. Your child will receive a laminated note card with their library checkout number and password. They will use the online card catalog to make reservations. We will deliver books to them throughout the school day. Kindergarten and first grade students will checkout books during their scheduled library time. First graders can make reservations as they become ready to later on in the semester. Library specials will be held in the classroom this year.

JH/HS Library

Junior high and high school students will be allowed to checkout books like usual. I would like students to sanitize their hands before they touch books on the shelf.