About Me

Hello! My name is Brett! This is a page that will tell you about me.

I like to play video games. My favorite video games are Don’t Starve Shipwrecked, Pokemon, and Marvel’s Spider-Man. I have a PS4, a 3DS, a Wii U, a PS3, a tablet, and a phone. I also like watching YouTube, and I have a small channel.

My favorite food is shrimp. I like going to zoos and aquariums, because I love animals, and it’s nice to see them in the flesh. Speaking of animals, my favorite is the Tasmanian Devil. They live in Australia. My dream house is in Honolulu, Hawaii.

I also love to read, and my favorite book series is Wings Of Fire, by Tui T. Sutherland. My favorite color is red. Youtubers I like are TheOdd1sout, Failboat, and more. I am a pretty good artist and like being challenged.

My favorite sport is dodgeball. I find it fun to throw dodgeballs and dodge like you are on a battlefield. I like many different kinds of music. The only mainstream artist I like is P!ATD. I like songs on YouTube. My favorite type of music is rap. I like the beat, catchiness, and flow of rap music. I am a pretty good writer and love telling stories. I hope you find me interesting and check in on my blog every once in a while.