Lodi Fabrication Lab

The Lodi Fabrication Lab is a student-run manufacturer of a variety of both stock and customizable products. All customer requests, quotes, prototypes, and final products are managed by Lodi Fabrication Lab students. All profits and donations go toward purchasing materials, machine upgrades, and new tools.

Please browse through our product pages. We specialize in Lodi Gear but can customize almost anything.

How to order

  1. Choose your item(s) from the website.

  2. Complete an order form.

  3. If your order is for stock Lodi Gear we will send you a confirmation email and a completion date.

  4. If your order is for a customized item, we will send you a quote and picture for approval as soon as possible. Once approved, we will work to fill your order as quickly as we can.

  5. All orders can be picked up in the Lodi High School office. We accept both cash and check. Checks can be made payable to Lodi FabLab.