Lockwood High School

key project information

  • Lockwood residents voted 70-30 percent in November of 2017 to research the costs and benefits of building a local high school.
  • Voters will decide May 8 whether to approve construction of the new high school.
  • Students will have greater opportunity to participate in student groups and school sports, such as softball, soccer, and football. It will be easier for kids to get to school and attend after-school and evening activities.
  • Research shows that students in small schools do better academically, feel less alienated, more nurtured, and more connected to caring adults.
  • We will be a Class A school with auditorium, gym, track, fields, stadium and other facilities that are comparable to class A schools in Eastern Montana.
  • Vo-Ag/CTE Programs (Career Technical Education) including woodshop/construction, welding, STEM, robotics, drafting, culinary arts, art, music (band & choir), and design production, plus other academic and career elective course offerings.
  • The facility includes a large community room, library, commons areas, auditorium, and tournament gymnasium.
  • 154,000 square-foot building with full high school services for 700 students, which accounts for student population growth over the next 15-20 years.
  • The $49.9 million bond will fund construction of the new high school. The cost for the owner of a $200,000 home is projected to be $23.31 per month.
  • Our tax dollars will stay in our community, supporting our schools, controlled by our taxpayers.
  • The school will tentatively open to Lockwood high school students in August of 2021.