Counselor's Corner

Clear Fork Elementary

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About Ms. Riedel

Welcome to the School Counseling program at Clear Fork Elementary in Lockhart ISD! My name is Loren Riedel and this is my fourth year as the school counselor at Clear Fork. I graduated from Texas State University's Professional Counseling Master's program with a concentration in school counseling. I am also state certified as a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC). Prior to becoming a school counselor, I taught Kindergarten and 3rd grade in Austin ISD. I am so grateful to work with our amazing CFE students and staff each day! Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns you may have.


phone: 512-398-0537

twitter: @CFEcounselor

The School Counseling Program at CFE

Whole class instruction

Each class participates in a monthly lesson with me exploring topics such as: self-confidence and self-concept, motivation to achieve, decision making, goal setting, planning, problem-solving, interpersonal skills, communication skills, responsible behavior, and cross-cultural effectiveness.

Small group counseling

Students that may need additional Social and/or Emotional support can be a good candidate for a counseling small group. Small groups meet with me weekly for 30 minute lessons for 6-8 weeks in order to learn concepts and skills that will help them to be most successful in life and at school. Small group space is limited.

*Small groups will not be possible due to COVID-19 social distancing guidelines*

Individual Support

Responsive services are designed to meet students’ immediate needs and concerns in critical or crisis situations. Crisis response includes intervention and follow-up to the immediate need in order to prevent the situation from becoming more severe. I am able to support children and families experiencing acute or specific needs by connecting them with community resources. Please don't hesitate to get in touch if you'd like to know more.

7 Mindsets

7 Mindsets is a district-wide Social Emotional Learning curriculum. Teachers teach a Mindset lesson once a week, usually on Mondays. We focus on one Mindset each month. The 7 Mindsets are: 100% Accountable, Passion First, Attitude of Gratitude, Everything is Possible, We are Connected, Live to Give, and The Time is Now. Staff members recognize students demonstrating the Mindset of the month by writing a "Mindset Master" page describing the student's shining moment. "Mindset Masters" are read aloud on the announcements each day, their picture is displayed on a special bulletin board, and they receive a Mindset Master T shirt (shirts are courtesy of a generous donation this year!).

Mindset of August/September 2020: 100% Accountable